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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Insecurity in Cameroon: Seven children kidnapped in the Far North

Boko Haram elements launched an assault Thursday night in the locality of Tchika (far north of Cameroon), managing to abduct seven children with whom they fled to cross the border with Nigeria, learned APA, Friday , from safe sources.

"They were ten. When they arrived, they looted our houses and, on leaving, took with them seven of our children, "one resident told security forces, saying the attackers were armed with guns and knives.

According to the same witness, these Boko Haram members left in cars and motorcycles to flee to Nigeria.

The Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), whose elements have tried in vain to capture them, has announced that it has launched, with the collaboration of the Multinational Joint Force (MNF) and the Nigerian Army, "raking operations (...) to free the kidnapped children. "

In difficulty in terms of military, financial and material, Boko Haram opted more and more for hostage taking whose release was negotiated against the payment of ransom.

According to security sources, suicide attacks have declined in recent months, thanks to a better mesh of the military apparatus, the vigilance of the self-defense committees and the increased collaboration of the populations.

Source: APA