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Saturday, November 10, 2018

'I will fight to the blood for the release of Mimi Mefo'

Since the Anglophone crisis in the presidential election of October 7 and currently in a post-election climate shaped by protest movements, journalists have become a main target of the authorities.

Indeed, arrested for more than a week now, the journalist of the Equinox TV channel called Mimi Mefo, was incarcerated Wednesday night at the New Bell prison in Douala. On the other hand, about ten lawyers were enlisted to defend the cause of the journalist among which, Master Alice Kom.

After having experienced a plight on horseback between the Attorney General and the Government Commissioner, the lawyer is forever determined to plead for the journalist's cause; this even at the price of his blood. "I will fight to the point of blood for Mimi's freedom," she says.

Recall that Mimi Mefo was arrested for spreading false news about the circumstances of the death of the American pastor. The latter, whose death has created a serious controversy had been murdered in Bambui, a locality in the north-west.

The incarcerated journalist had quoted a source confirming the murder of the pastor as perpetrated by the Cameroonian army.