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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ebolowa: the box where Paul Biya was initiated collapsed

The chief's hut, where Paul Biya was raised to the dignity of "Nnom Ngui", during the agropastoral show of Ebolowa collapsed. 

While his majesty René Effa, who presided over the rite of "Ngui", is seriously ill. The public cries to witchcraft. Decryption.

The chief's box, known as "Aba Minkukuma" is dying. It is this hut that served as a frame for the enthronement of Paul Biya to the dignity of "Nnom Ngui" at the last agropastoral show of Ebolowa. For weeks, the palace of "Nnom Ngui", built in the Angalé district, not far from the White High School, presents the image of a ghost building, that of a place without life. The plank fence, which frames the building made of bamboo stems and covered with a straw roof, suffocates under the push of a wild grass. A fence whose white paint, under the effect of the weather, fades over the days until it is, within a very short time, the preferred target of termites.

The actual decor of the building evokes distant, deep indignation. The wooden framework supporting the Aba's raffia roof was completely collapsed. It could not withstand the pressure of the wind and rainwater that flood the enclosure when it rains in the city. Just last week, an inhabitant of the Angalé neighborhood whose home is located a few meters from the palace of the chiefs spoke of a certain lightness, in the construction of the Aba. This eyewitness to the construction work on the chief's house believed that "those who had controlled the construction of the building were only concerned with their personal interests. You see today that this building is abandoned, without maintenance. We understand that the leaders, who did not speak with one voice, had not taken the time to think carefully, to build something sustainable. So here is the result.


And indeed, well before the comice, the construction of the Aba Minkukuma will provoke a lively controversy within the big family of the traditional chiefs of the south and singularly, that of the Mvila. Chiefs who will not agree on the site, which was to house the Aba. Three chefs from the comic host villages, including Emmanuel Beh (Mebae), Joseph Nkoto (Akak) and Soua (Ngallane) will even suggest that the house be built at home. A proposal rejected en bloc by his majesty Rene Désiré Effa, regional president (for the south), of the national council of traditional chiefs, and some of his affine, who will rather have it built in the Angalé district. President René Désiré Effa will even be in the center, a case of embezzlement (13 million CFA francs) released by the sons of the south for the construction of the Aba. For almost two months now, the regional president of the National Council of Chiefs has also a shaky health. His majesty René Désiré Effa, fell seriously ill, a few weeks after the agropastoral show, during which he presided over the rite of "Ngui" and raised Paul Biya, to the rank of "Nnom Ngui". A very mystical throne of great patriarch of the patriarchs that still provokes controversy.

Last week, the private secretary of the sick chief and some of his relatives announced a meeting with the other traditional chiefs who were to be informed of the state of health of their president. A meeting that never took place. The New Expression who wanted to know more about the file was met with the silence of the relatives of his majesty Effa. But already, some mouths speak of a mystical disease. In this case the repercussions of the rites of "Ngui" chaired by His Majesty Effa; rites that would have serious consequences for those who rub it, without having a solid stuff.

Aba: the deep reasons for a decline

What happens today in Ebolowa's "Aba Minkukuma" box is somewhat surprising. It is an incident bordering on desolation and indignation in the small circle of observers aware of traditional values. Including among initiates who master the symbolism of traditional power in its sacred dimension and all its adjuvant. A box of the chiefs, who, only three months ago, served as a framework for the enthronement, the "Nnom Ngui" (the most sacred and revered rank, by its mystical dimension, in the traditional chieftaincy in large south Cameroon) which logically should be the subject of all the attention of the local chiefs, in terms of maintenance and security; but which remains abandoned to itself... One would speak of an act of desecration and abomination oriented, of a real insult of the depositaries of the traditional power of the south, with the place of the traditional chiefdom.

What happens today at the Aba is only the consequence of this disrepute of traditional power by those who claim to embody it on a daily basis. It is more the result of a great disorder; that of the selfishness that made their nests within the large family of chiefs of the south, already divided on the choice of the site of the construction of the Aba, well before its erection. The chiefs of the three host villages of the comitia (Mebae, Ngallan, Akak) insisted, however, that the Aba should be erected in a sacred place, so that this hut could benefit from the ancestral mystical anointing and protection. They were misunderstood. The latest events would give them reason. Especially since the one who presided over the terrible rite of Ngui, his majesty Effa, today ill, is said to be under the fire of the anger of the ancestors.

This is only the publication of the article in retro.