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Friday, November 30, 2018

Coup d'état: the strange confidences of Ayuk Tabe to Mgr Tumi on a phone conversation

The man of God said he had a telephone conversation with Ayuk Tabe, in which he expressed his concern about the idea of ​​creating a Republic called "Ambazonia". 

Indeed, the crisis in the South-West and North-West regions furnished the program "Interview With ..." of Thursday, November 29 on STV, and which had Cardinal Christian Tumi as guest.

The archbishop emeritus of Douala, speaking about the school situation in the regions in crisis said to have had a telephone interview with Ayuk Tabe, at the time when the latter was still free, he had then, he said, "asked Ayuk Tabe to let the children go to school ".

The latter had put a stop to him, says Cardinal Tumi, indicating "he will take power in two years and reorganize the English school education system."

Originally from Kikaikelaki, in the Northwest region, Cardinal Tumi showed himself during this program very concerned about the All Anglophone Conference (AAC) which for the second consecutive time was postponed because the organizers of the meeting could not obtain the authorization of the administration.

The man of God, now 88 years old, does not despair, he says he absolutely wants to find a solution to the crisis through dialogue, including with the secessionists, so that peace can return to these two regions of Cameroon.

Cardinal Tumi wants to join the act to the word

The prelate had, in a maintenance book entitled "Cardinal Christian Tumi: free talk of a visionary: book-interview", opposed to secession, it was in 2017, one year after the start of the crisis.

"It's hard to admit secession," he said, saying it's the lack of dialogue that feeds the crisis.

Speaking of the separatists, he said, "We have to listen to them and we want to know what they want," arguing that "when we talk, we solve a lot of problems."

"The problem is that we did not create a dialogue forum. He concluded. Hence today his idea of ​​the general conference of Anglophones.