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Friday, November 2, 2018

Cameroon: Kamto’s lawyer trial postponed to December 4

The trial of Michele Ndoki, one of the firebrand lawyers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement has been postponed to December 4, the Douala Court of First Instance has said.

She was expected to appear before the Douala court on November 6 to answer charges ranging from disregarding constituted authority, undermining state institutions, carrying out public demonstrations to holding illegal meetings.

However, due to the General Assemby of the Douala Court of First Instance, the case has been postponed to December 4 and 7:30am.

Michele Ndoki and over 41 others were arrested in Douala on Saturday düring a peaceful protest to denounce what they describe as an “electoral hold up” to hand Paul Biya another term in office.

Their protest came days after the Constitutional Council announced Paul Biya winner of the October 7 Presidential election handing the 85 year-old a seven-year mandate which will extend his 36-year stay in power.

Michele Ndoki and others will appear in court on November 6, the day Biya is expected to be sworn in.