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Friday, November 2, 2018

Call for disobedience: Ernest Obama hits hard on Jean-Bruno Tagne

For Ernest Obama, JBT is "a little coward" who would try by this exit, to benefit from a "political asylum". The Vision 4 journalist also believes that the intelligence services must do their job after this famous "call to disobedience".

This Thursday in "Overview", the Director of Vision 4 did not miss the presenter of the great Interview on Canal 2 International. Here are excerpts of the reaction of the journalist of the channel of Nsam.

"All night I thought about a verb: disobeying, I read on the internet a journalist who wrote and who calls for disobedience.

I think that in our country, there are laws that are contrary to this kind of intellectual secretion that calls for civil disobedience, which calls for the disobedience of our institutions. It's not normal !

But beyond that, I want each of us to take a look at the rearview mirror.

Whoever wrote this text benefited from a decree of Mr. Biya, he accepted, he did not disobey. The one who calls for disobedience today, spent years at the National Council of Communication, emargeant, taking part in the meetings. He even greeted the hand of the head of state.

It had to be flushed out, removed from the CNC so that the verb disobeying reinstated his vocabulary. We must stop this! We will not send people to the streets because our interests have been violated (...) Why disobey now when you have not disobeyed the decree of Mr. Biya? (...)

I hope that the intelligence services are doing their job and that those who call for insurgency will have to explain the reason for these anti-republican publications. (...)

[Ernest Obama also thinks that Jean Bruno Tagne is trying to obtain political asylum]

This is a path to explore. The guy is a little coward. I do not see how he can expose himself in this way. "