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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Breaking News: Maurice Kamto Reportedly Arrested Right Now, On The Day of Paul Biya's Swearing In

The opponent Maurice Kamto, who claims the victory in the presidential election, was arrested in Yaoundé on Tuesday, November 6, the day of the oath of Paul Biya for a seventh term.

Maurice Kamto, candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) in the presidential election of October 7, was arrested at Roundabout Nlongkak, not far from his campaign headquarters in Yaoundé, Tuesday, November 6 late morning.

According to information cross-checked by Jeune Afrique with his entourage and police sources, he was arrested by members of the police, who had been on duty since morning near the esplanade of Stade Omnisports, where the president of the MRC had announced his intention to hold a meeting on Tuesday.Elements of the gendarmerie were also present.

According to a source in the MRC, Maurice Kamto, as well as several other party officials - including Christian Penda Ekoka, Emmanuel Simh and Alain Fogue Tedom - were taken to the premises of the Judicial Police Directorate (DPJ).

Maurice Kamto was with several dozen activists at a rally to protest the swearing-in of Paul Biya, 85 , who is entering his seventh presidential term.

Arriving behind Paul Biya, with 14.23% of the votes according to official figures, Maurice Kamto had proclaimed his victory the day after the election . Already Sunday, 38 MRC activists had been arrested in Bafoussam as they took part in a peaceful march against what they consider an "electoral hold-up".

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