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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Arrest of Mimi Mefo: surprising reaction of Ernest Obama

This Thursday in "Overview", the Director of Vision 4 has joined the community of media men and women who have been reacting for several hours to the arrest of the journalist Equinoxe TV, imprisoned in Central Prison of Douala as reported by M├ędiatude.

"When someone takes information that he has not verified and spreads it, I think the law is there for that, we condemn you This case is well regulated by law. " Said the journalist who initially did not wish to give his opinion on this arrest of Mimi Mefo.

"Today I read on Facebook are people who are supportive. Well yes! We're all in this together, because it's a woman, a sister who was arrested, but we must know that whenever we share information that is not true, it can turn against us, because we spread the false news and the law in Cameroon outlawed. "he added.

In general, the journalist believes that some media men are aware of the risks they run by spreading false news. "It's when people spread nonsense that they call for solidarity."

"Here at Vision 4 we make the effort not to go to the press review of the newspapers that put on the UNE titles that we believe improbable, "he also said, to justify that his channel tries to limit the spread of false news.

Source: Media