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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Ambazonia: bloody record in English-speaking cities this weekend

This weekend has been shaped by numerous attacks by secessionists in the northwestern and southwestern regions. 

On the evening of Saturday 4, the secessionists stormed at 14 and 15 miles in Buea in the southwest. After burning a vehicle, the latter proceeded to block the way. Intercepted by the army, they exchanged shots that caused panic among the population.

This attack recorded no deaths but wounded. Frightened populations, invaded by psychosis, have been forced to desert to ensure their safety.

In the northwestern region, a violent confrontation was reported between (FDS) defense force and security and the English-speaking separatists in ngok etundia locality. During this assault, the separatists burned a chieftaincy in the department. Also in the north-west, the terrorists stormed a school in Kwem early on Monday, kidnapping 79 students and 3 staff including the principal of the school.