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Friday, October 12, 2018

Yaoundé: a vast network of thieves dismantled

The three suspects arrested by the Regional Directorate of Judicial Police on 28 September, were trafficking luxury vehicles between Gabon and Cameroon.

The Regional Directorate of Judicial Police (Drpj) has just ended the journey of a gang of three individuals specialized in the theft of vehicles between Cameroon and Gabon. Until September 28, the theft of luxury vehicles was their main activity. Unfortunately for the Gabonese Jacques César Mabicka Mouba, Hubert Obiang and the Cameroonian Avom Etoa, main suspects, the blow of September 28th was the last. According to a well-known source at the Drpj, the investigation was opened that day, following the complaint filed by the names Hubert Obiang and Y'Egueyilt, for theft of seven cars.

The investigations launched immediately have put the hand on the name Jacques César Mabicka Mouba, 40 years old, Gabonese resident in Yaoundé. His two accomplices, the Cameroonian Avom Etoa and his compatriot Adamou Njimba meanwhile were arrested on October 1, at the border. They came from Gabon and tried to bring the vehicles to Cameroon to resell them.

According to our source, their modus operandi was to create fictitious car leasing companies where private individuals put their cars to rent. This is how these evildoers managed to collect lots of them before melting into nature.Thus, after the removal of all the security systems, they transported the vehicles to another country to put them on sale.

The gang leader, Jacques César Mabicka Mouba, is not on his first pass. Drpj investigators say that in 2015 he was arrested for the same reasons. For now, the three suspects meditate their fate in the walls of the Drpj where the investigation is taking place.