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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Yaoundé: a pastor taking himself for the 'Messiah' seriously humiliated

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It is in the Ekounou district, located in the 5th district of Yaounde, that Michel, since it is him, has experienced one of the most terrible moments of his life. After repeatedly furrowing his flock by posing as the "messiah", his mask finally fell on October 5 last.

Carrefour Ekounou. It is 10h this Friday 05 October. The atmosphere that reigns is extraordinary. A crowd (men and women) invades Michel's home like a swarm of bees. Between vociferation of the rising voices and women's screaming, we listen to words such as "thief ..."; "You will give us our money ...", escape from tohubohu. It is understandable then that the mask of the "savior of women" as he called himself, has fallen. Settled in the neighborhood for three years, his record as a "servant" of God is a list full of deceit, scam and swindle.

With the trick of convincing those who listen by presenting themselves as God's envoy on earth who came to save souls in distress, many people (mostly women), have fallen into the trap of this laudator without scale. It was then that his house, the place where he received his flock, was transformed into a real place where women succeeded one after the other every day and at any time for supposed prayer sessions. Moreover, in front of his court a sign clearly indicates "I received free, I give free". Signs that could be enough to define the true nature of the thief.

But as a very popular saying goes, 99 days for the thief, only one day for the big boss.Following several unsatisfactory prayer sessions, her clientele is beginning to have doubts about her skills. Hence the taking charge of his home today. "It's since last year that I came to meet this famous pastor. I had asked him my problems, I had night diapers, I was not successful in any of my projects. He had asked me a sum of 250000 francs to follow me. He started with a few sessions, two months later, he disappeared, I did not worry because he told me he will go on a trip to buy the missing products for my treatment, "says Anne, one of them of his victims.

Separations of couples

And add "only two months later, he returned, he changed house. One day while going to the market, I met him, he reassured me that he had problems and that he lost his phone while apologizing.We made contact again, and Michel continued to play his game. Today I realized that he is nothing but an usurper.Because there are several women who met him also for the same problems and to each one of us he promised solution, something unworkable, on the contrary the life became more and more difficult ".

According to some sources, this pastor has also been at the origin of several separations of couples. He has caused harm to several households, who have decided to settle his accounts for good.Between kick, throwing stones, and whipping, he has received from everyone.Married and father of three children, it was by swindling all these poor people that he took care of his family who lives on the side of Douala. False pastors, like "sweets" pastors, exist everywhere in Cameroon today. All that remains is to call the believers to be very careful to avoid the trap.