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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Yaoundé: a fake voters' card factory

After the surprise caused by Maurice Kamto's announcement of his victory the day after the election, candidates count down "anomalies" and prepare appeals. 

These are just a few sentences, but they could change the face of the presidential election in Cameroon. In the aftermath of the poll held Sunday (October 7th), Maurice Kamto, the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), claimed against all odds, his victory over dozens of journalists gathered in his campaign headquarters in Yaounde.

"My mission was to shoot the historic penalty. I shot it, the goal was scored, "said Monday who, during the two weeks of the election campaign, crisscrossed the country in indomitable Lions jersey, the national football team, and round ball in hand. He promised his fans "to shoot the penalty on the evening of October 7th".

The former Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, who had slammed the door of the government in 2011, has also called Paul Biya, President of Cameroon for nearly thirty-six years, to organize "a peaceful transmission of power."

The reaction of the authorities was not long in coming. Maurice Kamto has "obviously outlawed," told AFP on Monday the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary. The electoral law provides that the results are proclaimed within fifteen days of the poll by the Constitutional Council. "We can not want to govern Cameroon and put ourselves through the laws that govern Cameroon," said the spokesman of the government on France 24. The day before, however, he promised "triumph victory" Paul Biya.

Urine jams and voice purchases

"At this moment, you must know that there are operations to fraudulently change the results. Fraud continues on a scale you can not imagine. Our trends and the progress we have on the ground show very clearly the meaning of the victory, "said Olivier Nissack, spokesman Maurice Kamto, without giving figures or explain how his teams reached these conclusions."We know from our calculators that now, the gap can no longer be caught by the outgoing president," he argues.

In addition to the MRC, other opposition parties denounce "fraud" that tainted the poll. They cite ballot stuffing, falsification of minutes, vote buying, the absence of ballots on behalf of certain candidates in the polling stations, the scrutineers of the parties who were turned away during the counting, the use of non-indelible ink ...

"In Yaoundé 5, for example, we discovered a factory of false electoral cards intended to feed the candidate of the party in power," says Emile Bindzi. The spokesman for Cabral Libii, the youngest presidential candidate, says the party has recorded "frauds throughout the country and even in the diaspora". "In Marseille and Brussels, our representatives were turned back and banned in polling stations," he says.

Strong abstention in the Anglophone zone

According to Article 133 of the Cameroonian Electoral Code, candidates have up to seventy-two hours after the ballot to file their applications with the Constitutional Council. In previous presidential elections, the complaints filed by the opposition parties have never been successful. "Justice is for the strong, deplores Emile Bindzi. But our teams work to file applications with the state institution in charge of electoral disputes. "

On the side of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), which denounced" anomalies "counsel working to" make use ". "We are counting all the results in all the polling stations in Cameroon," said Henry Kejang, media officer for candidate Joshua Osih's campaign. Elecam, meanwhile, confirmed on Monday evening the strong abstention that prevailed in the English-speaking areas. The official turnout and results are expected by Monday, October 22.