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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Why the CPDM will disappear - Wilfried Claude Ekanga

Strong of his political interventions, the Cameroonian Wilfried Claude became in a few months a major actor of the media scene. This renewed popularity does not prevent the young supporter of the MRC from regularly publishing chronicles Lebledparle brings you the latest.

"To throw in the water WHY THE CPDM WILL DISAPPEAR

When we are useless, we end up disappearingWhen we are useless, we must fade And the CPDM has been useless for 33 years. It will disappear. It's inexorable. In 2018, more than ever, it was the opposition that made life. The party in power remained in dead body mode. All that has changed in Cameroon this year has been the work of the opposing candidates.

1 - For young people to register on the electoral lists, it took Cabral Libii.

CPDM does not like young people. On a television set, the word "Young" sounded like an insult. I got this argument in goat pee every time: "You are young, Mr. Ekanga", or again: "I would like to remind my young colleague Wilfried that ...", and so on.

From Félix Zogo to Messanga Nyamding to Emmanuel Pensy, none of them broke the rule of contempt, which in fact ridiculed them themselves.

Moreover, they were even happy (and barely hid it) because a small proportion of young people are registered on the electoral lists. In a normal country, a state that has failed so much to teach the love of politics to its citizens would shamefully questioned But this is in a normal country.

We represent 3/4 of the national population, and oddly enough, our own government scorns us. It was therefore urgent to remind them that to be an adult, you must have been young. It is a compulsory way. Except we are in Cameroon, and in Cameroon, everything works in reverse.

It is the only country in the world where a President who calls himself "Renewal" operates only with crumbling old people.

He should have been talking about the "Renewal"

2 - For one of these old men to give way to a young man, it took Neither John Fru Ndi.He understood that one could not shout "Biya must go" for 27 years, and remain a candidate all this period. In this sense, the SDF has shown a willingness to reform. In the CPDM, we do not even know who is the number two, bearer of the future. How many old people as far as the eye can see, like big seaweeds stranded on the shores of a sea agitated by the night winds. It is not a generation conflict that we want to do here. It is simply the desire to have a device that illustrates the real demographic landscape of the country. No more no less.

But as the public service is the main feeder, everyone wants to go. Then, by an unusual "birthright" trick, the old ones carve a share of choice. It's a bit like viper meat in my village, that you do not have the right to eat if daddy does not give it to you. This is called a "gourmet law". A selfishly crafted rule to make sure you eat the most delicious meals on your own.

3 - To have young self-made millionaires and candidates, it took Matomba and Njifor Franklin.

Thanks to them, we realized that it was possible. They may not win this presidential election, but they will at least have shown that one can, by oneself, get into the top round of the bunch of applications, and claim to the highest office, under 40 years .

Despite their inadequacies and relative unpopularity, they had managed to glean more or less relevant support. Matomba may not be a good politician, but through him, we have seen an independent actor, who is actively involved without saying to himself: "I am an economic operator, politics does not interest me".

Because in fact, the two are interconnected since the dawn of time.Politics structures the economy and the economy determines the political force. So we are far from the "either one" of the popular mentality maintained by our sinister rulers since the beginning of the Republic.

4-- With the MRC, the time stopped for a moment.

The sea has withdrawn in the distance.The earth shook and the animals sheltered, waiting for the inevitable tsunami that would ensue. And the wave did not disappoint! It has swept the shoreline of the Cameroonian political landscape with poignant actors, incisive and intelligent as possible. It was the most beautiful team of the tournament.

The fatal weapon that murdered the representatives of the ruling party on all fronts one after the other was a simple but super-sharp object: THE ARGUMENT !!

In the CPDM, this thing is not very widespread. They do not even know what it's used for. They had the intimidation, condescension and arrogance of their prestige positions for their main mode of operation.

By a simple and solid approach, we have motivated the masses to look at political issues. We broke the opacity lock and recreated a hint of democracy where the debate returned to the center. We made the power sweat for fear, and pushed the judicial administration to its limits.

This has even allowed the national channel, thrown into oblivion for years because of its annoying content, to become again for three days, the most watched media in the country. These were "The Three Glorious of the CRTV". This is to say how much on its own problems, the state needed the MRC to shine.

I have some knowledge in CPDM, which I met before the election period. We are more or less friends in private, but politically very opposite. Because the political project of the party of the flames is nothing other than a giant fire, which ravages the country for almost four decades.

Ask the men and women of our villages who voted for Paul Biya what is the program of his party. The answer will please you a lot.

When it is not the slogan: "Paul Biya incarnates the strength of the experience", they will say to you: "It is the father of the renewal, to reach the emergence in 2035".They have this strange habit of talking about the individual Paul Biya, when they are asked to talk about the structure of CPDM. To believe that there, the man is the party. We do not even dare to imagine the catastrophe when the head will not be there anymore.

Maybe he disappear with his head?

Its members possess for this purpose another comical attitude: They think that winning the elections means harming the opposition, and winning a sort of standoff that they are in fact alone to lead. Reality tells us, however, that Cameroon is the loser if the CPDM wins.

Because it means that railway lines, trams, free education and all the beautiful things promised will remain a dead letter. But God knows that everyone suffers from it, whether he is a sympathizer of the opposition or of the famous ruling party.

If Douala and Yaoundé are not yet connected by a highway, the accidents on the current track, kill the users daily, do not make any distinction of their political color.

Maybe we should remind them. But for them to understand, it is to be hoped that sardine bread cancer is not already in its terminal phase.

We will do away with the CPDM by making the other parties (even more) interesting.And since they are highly mediocre, they will not resist. They have already started fleeing us during public debates.

When one is so weak, one will necessarily disappear.

Not to mention fraud, cheating, coinage, table drawings, manipulation, artificial HP etc. etc.

When one is also wrong, disappearing becomes a duty.

There is nothing to do, the CPDM will disappear. Who will not live will not see.

Yaounde, October 20, 2018 »