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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Western Region: Bafoussam paralyzed by presidential election

Some foodstuffs are rare on the stalls.According to some residents of Bafoussam town in the Western Region, there has been an artificial price spike accompanied by a shortage of necessities.A situation caused by the election of October 7, 2018. To believe these, it is slowly that commercial activities resume in this city.

Our colleague Le Jour, who also speaks about this situation, reports that for example at the Casablanca market place par excellence of food supply for among others the ceremonies of the weekend, there was a lack of consumer products.On October 11 at the A market in Bafoussam the quantity of food was reduced. Tomatoes, green seasonings and other fresh foods have run out quickly.

To better understand what is happening, it must be said that in fact the vendors usually called "Byam-sellam" have ended their various bush activities. The reason being that they continue to be afraid of the occurrence of a post-election crisis. The newspaper Le Jour, which also went to meet them, reports that they think that it is necessary to wait for the Constitutional Council to proclaim the results and that swearing takes place. They prefer to be reassured that there will be no post-election movement.

"The future of the country worries everyone. I am just trying to sell the stock of goods I still have at my disposal. With the declarations and messages circulating, everyone fears the after proclamation of the results of the presidential election.With the current situation in the northwestern and southwestern regions, no one wants to put their money in the trade anymore. Everything can rock. We do not want it but we remain cautious because we never know, "says Viviane Talla in the columns of our colleague. She sells fresh food at the "world street".

To talk about soaring prices in the markets, it is more about food products such as rice. The price of a 50 kg bag has risen from 16500 FCFA to 18500 FCFA."We are obliged to sell the kilogram at 450 FCFA or 500 FCFA. It is difficult for us now to make the recipe. Customers do not trust us anymore. They think we are at the origin of the increase in the price of rice. When you add transportation costs, it's hard to get by with this price spike, "says Marie Feudjio, a food retailer.

However it should be noted that despite these fears expressed by the sellers above, the country is doing pretty well.Calls for calm are constantly increasing.The current government, religious authorities, traditional leaders, civil society all call for calm and the preservation of national unity and social cohesion.Everything is done so that there is no shortage of food on the market. As a reminder, the Minister of Commerce has made a descent in some warehouses in the city of Yaoundé, question to ensure the availability of stocks.