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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

War between Bishop Kleda and Bishop Mbarga: another priest decides the case

In an interview with the newspaper Mutations, the former teacher at the Catholic University of Central Africa says that it is up to any good pastor to be concerned about the truth of the polls.

If the priest Ludovic Lado does not understand the reason why Bishop Jean Mbarga Archbishop of Yaoundé felt compelled to respond to Bishop Samuel Kleda, he nevertheless understands the exit of the latter.

"We must differentiate between Bishop Kleda as a citizen, as Archbishop of Douala and as President of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon. But it does not seem to me that Monsignor Kleda has claimed that he was speaking on behalf of the Cameroon Bishops' Conference, because usually when he does, he makes a statement with that precision. Why did his colleague feel the need to dissociate himself from Bishop Kleda's point of view? Only god knows !That's his right, besides. But for my part, I naturally think that Bishop Kleda did well to question the numbers. He is in his role.Every good pastor must be concerned about the truth of the polls and the primacy of the common good, it must be a reflex at home, "he said.

In this interview the Jesuit priest affirms that the Cameroonian episcopate remains indifferent, being unable to say that the results in the English-speaking regions are implausible, is simply a matter of "spiritual blindness". To the question of whether politics does not try to divide the Catholic Church, it is in the affirmative that it answers. For him it is even what is happening right now. "It is obvious that the Biya regime has its irreducible sympathizers within the Cameroonian episcopate. They are alliances of interest but always end badly. When the politician has finished using you, he lets you go without warning, "he adds.

Recall that Monsignor Kleda and Mgr Mbarga made opposing sorties in relation to the presidential election. Bishop Kleda questioned Paul Biya's 81.4% score in the English-speaking regions. "I'm still looking at the English-speaking area where the results of the ruling party are very high. So when it comes to elections, when we were not able to beat the campaign there, where do all these percentages of the party in power come from? ", Asked Bishop Kleda.Bishop Mbarga, disassociating himself from his counterpart's output, wrote "religion in a society is politically neutral".