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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Vision 4: these secrets that Cameroonians do not know about CEO Amougou Belinga

In the NSAM district in Yaoundé, a luxurious building overlooks the area. This is the headquarters of the group "L'Anecdote". This press group includes the VISION 4 television channel, the Satellite FM radio, the weekly newspaper "L'Anecdote" and a seasonal magazine "Africa Express".

At the head of this group is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His name: Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, also known as the boss of the Equatorial Water Company of Cameroon that produces the mineral water PURA.

Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga loves power and honors. Every visitor realizes it after having crossed the gate that leads to the building. There, to mark his omnipotence, Amougou Belinga instituted a rule both crazy and hilarious. No one but himself and his wife have the right to go through the main door of the building. "This is a directive from the CEO" will launch its employees. Very funny !

Not so funny, however, for anyone who has heard of the character. He is not a press boss (and businessman) like the others. He is one of those obscure characters who serve as pawns for several clutches of the regime. Hence his feeling of omnipotence. His proximity to the Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, no longer makes any mystery to anyone.

It is whispered in the cottages that these two are not only Rosicrucians but they regularly maintain homosexual relations.Laurent Esso is a godfather of the Rose-Croix. Who does not remember the confession of the late Charles Ateba Eyene declaring that Laurent Esso tried to recruit him into cults?

In any case, Amougou Belinga had no choice in 2010 when the rumor announced the death of Laurent Esso who was then Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. It is curiously he who will rise to the crenel to announce: "I am neither the spokesman of the government, nor that of the

family.But as a communicator and close to Laurent Esso, I wanted to remove this ambiguity. This is a way to weaken the President of the Republic.The Minister of State will join the country in the coming days in good health.I contacted him.Her phone is on roaming. That day, without knowing it, Amougou Belinga passed to complete confessions.

Indeed, Amougou Belinga, now a billionaire, would never have built his fortune without his dark networks and his HOMO relationship with Laurent Esso and some of the regime's pundits. In the early 2000s, Amougou Belinga was used by some barons to settle accounts.

It is with surprise that readers will sometimes discover his newspaper "L'Anecdote" announce arrests of personalities a few hours before they occur.Long before, the newspaper will lynch for several weeks, these personalities to prepare the opinion this possibility.

in 2006, "L'Anecdote" continues his work and published a list of alleged homosexual personalities. The famous TOP 50. Never short of ideas to rip black and blackmail, Amougou Belinga knows to surround himself with characters of his kind to do the dirty work, so he will appeal to a young feyman.

This is what the young man will tell later in the newspapers. "I have always said and I repeat again, the real responsibility for this matter is Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga. Minister Gregoire Owona, I do not know him, either before, during or after this.

Unfortunately, what I am going to say about this minister is that he is not humble, he is not honest either, why am I saying that if Amougou Belinga had not found me to do this job, he would have found someone but I did not do what I did, I flip-flopped, I pulled myself together and decided to tell the truth, but today this gentleman is taking me for someone dangerous, I even tried to meet him to explain what had happened,

without apologizing for my person, I think everyone knows the context in which Amougou Belinga I got sick on September 19th, 2004, I went back to the dying village, suffering with 50 Kg and sores everywhere. and mother who has no means and I was close to the tomb.Amougou Belinga asked me to play the role of Minister Gregory Owona's victim.Given my condition, we must believe that this is true. We agreed that it would not be published.

At the time, it was her husband, Laurent Esso, who was secretary-general to the presidency. He told me that through the channel of Laurent Esso, he could bring a video of me to the presidency of the Republic confirming that Minister Gregory Owona did sodomize me.

Amougou Belinga's problem was that since I am an old ripou and he himself is, he wanted us to take a lot of money from Mr. Gregory Owona. That is to say that if the video had gone to the President of the Republic, Gregory Owona was to be summoned and he had to approach me to know exactly what is happening since he does not know me. Not only was he going to pay money so that it would not come out, but I also had a hidden mission.

And at the time, as I was very close to Biloa Ayissi because I knew Biloa Ayissi before I got sick and he was fighting a real fight against homosexuals and in truth because he did not make them blackmailing. Amougou Belinga therefore asked me to go through Biloa Ayissi because through him, it was easy to read.

So he told me to go through Biloa Ayissi and let him believe it's the truth and Biloa Ayissi was going to sell my image without knowing it and after Biloa told everyone, we should go into action . When Biloa Ayissi took it seriously, I always told Amougou Belinga that you have to be very careful because Biloa Ayissi takes the case seriously and may end up publishing it when I did not want to. Amougou Belinga told me not to embarrass me because he controls him. This is the story of the top 50. A lot of young people in my state would not have refused that. "

As we can see in this testimony, Amougou Belinga is a manipulator with a crook, a man without faith or law. The perfect example of the men the regime needs for its low maneuvers.For Amougou Belinga, the main thing is to get rich.Her low duties have paid off.In fact curiously after the case of the TOP 50, he manages to Cameroon Post Services (Campost) received massive loans on 31 December 2006. The group obtained three loans for a total of 49 million CFA francs, and the

bloodshed of CONAC and Superior State Control revealed that This group has received more than 600 million CFA francs through accounts in the Postal Check Centers, and the money has been paid into various accounts, including Account No. 026914-004-55 opened on behalf of the Bank. magazine "Africa Express", the account n ° 1002002754 opened for r "satellite FM SARL" and many others.

Amougou Belinga is one of the debtors who are expected before the Special Criminal Court to repay money from the Campost he diverted with other pawns of the regime as Paul Atanga Nji. But with Laurent Esso at the Ministry of Justice, there is little chance that Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga will end up in prison.

Moreover, those who have followed the news in recent days know that Laurent Esso allowed Atanga Nji to pay back in secret to avoid jail. This will also be the case for the boss of the group anecdote.

It is to be hoped that this scammer will repay the money of the savers of the Campost with the fruit of his "okra" obtained to whiten the regime of Sassou Nguesso. Indeed, thanks to the interpersonal skills of Komidor Njimoluth, Cameroon's ambassador to Congo Brazzaville, Amougou Belinga will now go poaching in this country. He will not only produce programs for Sassou Nguesso.He will simply install a branch there. To eat well, you must be close to the dish.

This is the true face of Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, one of those obscure characters, an illiterate left from nowhere and who, selling his soul to the pundits of the Biya regime, became billionaire and almighty in this Cameroon of laissez-faire.

This is the type of character upstart, imbued with a success conquered by compression, feymania, embezzlement of public funds and blackmail. The type of character who can now afford everything in Cameroon with the cover of his Rosicrucian homosexual lovers to the point of arresting and humiliating his Okra hunting partners globally in disregard of the presumption of innocence and respect for the human dignity.

This guy is dangerous, to put out of harm's way, as indeed all members of the Cameroonian government or Almost. Case to follow !!!

Journalist: Patrice Nouma