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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Victory of Maurice Kamto: the strange confidences of Wilfried Ekanga

In a recent publication on social networks a MRC activist Claude Wilfried Ekanga Ekanga, gave his point of view following the presidential election of October 7 in Cameroon. Read the whole of its publication..

If the MRC wins the presidential elections, I do not calculate any position. For now, I have neither the level nor the skill. If I came to Cameroon to fight in his favor, it is for something else.

The reward I came for, I have already obtained, and far beyond what I hoped for elsewhere.

This reward is this simple phrase of nothing I hear every day when I go down the streets of Douala: "You have given us a taste for politics". I can assure you that it is priceless.

When a young African tells you he did not watch the Champions League last night because he was watching a televised debate, you start to understand that everyone who said that rotten minds were never going to change was wrong. All developed and developing countries today have been at one point in history, poor and poorly organized. If they arrived at the top of the platform today, why not us?

So go ask the Vietnam of Ho Chi Minh, prey to 20 years of a war imposed by the US between 1955 and 1975, or Cuba Fidel Castro , whose American embargo wanted to sound the death knell since February 3, 1962.

Now you have understood that in our country, it is not the policy that was not interesting, but rather the way it was practiced and presented by our politicians.They used two deceitful ploys to smok us:

The first was to completely mystify the political thing, giving the impression to the people that it was necessary to be a genius to discuss it. This is called OPACITY.

Basically, instead of speaking to make themselves understood, they spoke precisely so as not to be understood. It even pleased them to be told, "When you talk, nobody understands. You are too strong.

The second smuggling was to intimidate, threaten, give the impression that everyone who speaks will automatically get killed.This is called PSYCHOSIS.

It ended in a totally strange situation, where every individual knows that things are bad, but nobody dares to stand up, saying because he is afraid of dying. But how can one be comfortable in a country where one is in danger, simply because one has expressed one's opinion, in politeness and the most complete legality?

It is said that anyone who watches a crime without denouncing it is an accomplice in this crime. It is precisely because those who govern us have turned the country into a risky area that we must work to replace them by legal means. It's pure and simple logic. To try nothing is to love suffering.

Now that you see that no one is killed, now that you find that the politics are interesting, now that you see that the fear has changed sides, then IMPLICATE YOURSELF.

For one who does not practice politics is doomed to endure it. If you are afraid to fight for a state where justice prevails, you will one day be a victim of the injustice of that state.

You were asleep for a long time, and that's what allowed those above you to crush you in peace. They did not expect the people to wake up one day. They did not understand that no matter what the dose, any drug sooner or later will lose its effect. And here today, all their weakness has been laid bare.

They fled the TV sets when it was necessary to defend their program against ordinary citizens, the ones they are responsible for. They banned meetings despite the authorizations provided by themselves. They even went so far as to ban a meeting in a private home. They are becoming completely crazy. Because we have exposed their deep mediocrity.

The RCM that I supported during this campaign and whose ideals I espouse has presented, in addition to the best program, the best team (and by far) of this election.Not because it was made up of the most qualified or well-known, but because its actors were perfectly complementary.

While the excellent Bibou Nissack and I were wreaking chaos on the plateaux, routinizing the CPDM representatives who began to decline invitations and flee like girls in front of a snake, Professor M. Kamto, accompanied by his soldiers C. Penda Ekoka, P. Eric Kingue, Albert Nzongang etc .:. put to work, the whole Republic, by multiplying the communicative finger-noses, that even "the experienced" Paul Biya no longer masters.

Today, all Cameroonians know Article 113 of the electoral code. Who said that the African did not like reading? He gave us back to school. He is a teacher at heart.

Beside, the genial "general" Valsero and the nightmare of colonial monuments Essama André Blaise, have raised the temperature beyond the billion Volt, and electrified crowds who did not need sardine bread to be there. It was a historic campaign.

Now that we are waiting for results - manipulable at will - by the (in) competent authorities, go already on the starting line, and invade in impossible number, the registrars as soon as they reopen in a few weeks, in order to mark for good, the end of reign of our cerberes. Failing to win the battle this time, we will undoubtedly win the war.

Take an interest in politics Become a member or supporter of new parties. Bring suggestions, create projects, have a vision (an ambition ... Be crazy, be creative, be bold ... Do not be afraid of anything as long as you do not do anything immoral. it's not a mirage, it's very exciting. "