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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Victory of Maurice Kamto: the point of the different reactions

Several Cameroonian political and cultural figures have reacted to the recent exit of the candidate of the MRC Maurice Kamto who claimed his victory in the presidential election of October 7th. Here is the point on some reactions: 

I am surprised because I believe that Maurice Kamto is a lawyer. I even believe that it must be aggregated under public law. One must respect the law especially if one teaches it. If we teach it and refuse to apply it, it means that we are wasting time on students. This will be anarchy. I will ask Mr. to refer to Article 137 of the Electoral Code on the proclamation of results. Only the Constitutional Council is empowered to proclaim the results. We are not in anarchy but in a country with texts that do not date from yesterday or before yesterday.

Texts that have always been respected and must not stand out in this way. The jurist, even jurist emeritus, must be reasonable in showing the example himself, giving the example to his students. Kamto must absolutely align with what the law says. I am a candidate like him; if I'm a candidate it's for the third time. It is to seek to be elected. But I have not been elected twice and I have not said that I will proclaim myself ... We are in the Republic.

Joshua Osih, candidate of the Social Democratic Front (SDF)

"I think it's important to understand that an election is first and foremost a democratic exercise that fits into the existing laws and that should be respected by all parties, including the party in power. The Cameroonians must know that there is a law, even if it is bad, it must be respected.That's what we're doing. We believe and hope that the unrest will not go to the loss of life. I ask all our supporters, all our activists, all those who have voted many for us, to remain calm. It is obvious for us at the level of the SDF, that the legality and legitimacy of this election will have to be respected to the letter.

For the moment unfortunately, all this outburst of activities around the results does not favor the serenity towards a democratic transition. In any case, I would like to say that all those of the SDF who give results, do it wrong because it hurts my application. They should wait for results to be able to defend them properly.To give some indications and to try to make believe that we won today, I think it's a bit premature and I call them to respect the law. "

Serges Hope Matomba, candidate of the PURS

" I think that the exit of Mr. Kamto answers to a strategy thought by him before the election. However, we will have to wait for the results to be published. At our level, we continue to receive minutes, and the results we are holding do not allow us to confirm or refute Mr. Kamto's statements.That said, that these results we have $, we could not publish them. We are waiting for the Constitutional Council to decide. And we know that we will enter a phase of post-election litigation. "

Pr Prosper Nkou Mvondo, President of the Universe Party

"Kamto must wait for the final whistle of the referee. Even if it is a question of contesting the elections, it is necessary to wait until the process is over. Kamto is a law professor like me he knows very well. I call this a sham and it must be condemned with the last energy.

This is the reaction of the leader of the party Universe, in response to the self-proclamation of winner 24 hours after the poll of October 7 candidate invested by the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon in the presidential election Maurice Kamto. The law professor was not asked to express his distress at the statements of the one who is also a man of law like him. This reaction is therefore included in the list of multiple other responses of politicians and civilians.

Calixte Beyala, author

"Kamto sprays the record of rejections: The followers of Kamto have spent five years insulting other Cameroonians! They taxed those of North sheep! They said that those in Central and Eastern are lazy people! They claimed that those of the Littoral were the enjoyers, incapable of producing wellbeing. They also said that the Bassas were killers and so on! They promised us hunting, prison, exile, famine ... Only in their eyes were those of the West. They called the latter brilliant! They also proclaimed that they were hardworking, intelligent and definitely superior to other Cameroonians.

The candidate Kamto has been disavowed, treated as an impostor by the leaders of the major political parties like Garga or the President of the Universe. No Cameroonians came out on the streets to protest for Kamto! Shouts of the "Kamto President" style that could flatter the ears and the ego of this narcissistic pervert have not been heard. The cities are calm;everyone goes about their business ...

Mass is said. I mean here and there "Kamto clear! Kamto, the guy who wanted to put Cameroon down, says he won an election he lost! Ah the forger caught in the bag! He will settle in Baham and govern the perimeter of Baham even though the real great personalities of Baham will chase him! "