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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Victory of Kamto: strong tension arises in Yaoundé [REACTIONS]

Yaoundé is in turmoil since the self proclamation of Maurice Kamto, new president of the Republic elected. 

Interviewed by the State Radio, Garga Haman Adji, opponent, candidate of the ADD to the Presidential election of October 7, 2018, criticizes the attitude of Maurice Kamto.

"It's not about showing big arms or artificial intelligence through social networks to say that we are not the President of the Republic but social networks," said the leader of the ADD.

For his part, Gregory Owona, Minister and Deputy Secretary General of the CPDM Committee, party in power, calls the population to calm.

"Preserve our country and love it" council one of the regime's barons.

The CPDM SG, Jean Nkuete is currently giving a press conference about Maurice Kamto's statement.

And according to our sources the Minister of Communication is also preparing to make a statement.

The reactions of the CPDM executives were not long in the wake of the press conference held on Monday afternoon by the MRC candidate.

Whether on social networks or conventional media, several party executives reacted to the words of the candidate Maurice Kamto who claimed his victory during a press briefing.

Here are some reactions:

"This is a narcissistic allegation that is phantasmagoria. It has no legal, political or sociological basis. It is therefore void, and it denies the facts. Moreover, it is contrary to the laws and regulations of the Republic. We suspect that this is a strategy to try to win at any cost. But only the Cameroonian people is sovereign and only the ballot boxes must decide the next President of the Republic. We are not a banana republic where someone can stand up and proclaim themselves president, we are a state of law. Minister Fame Ndongo on RFI.

"The candidate Maurice Kamto has just declared himself the winner of yesterday's presidential election, overriding all the laws and regulations of the Republic of Cameroon and inviting insolently President Paul Biya to organize the handover! May I allow myself to urge the Cameroonian people to calm down and wait for the results according to the law! Preserve our country and love it !? "Gregory Owona (Deputy Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee) on his Twitter account.

"Two days before the presidential election, Maurice Kamto's campaign director announced the victory of his candidate and he would be ready to defend this victory even at the price of their blood. It is therefore not surprising that these extraterrestrials who have the ability to read and predict what has not yet been written by human beings make such a statement. Mr. Kamto knows, however, that only the Constitutional Council is qualified to receive all the voting results and has the necessary time to proclaim the results. We can not want to govern Cameroon and get in the way of the laws that govern this country, "Minister Issa Tchiroma on France 24.

Source: camerounweb / gGazeti237