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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Victory of Kamto: a secret letter sent to Emmanuel Macron

The goal is to validate the victory claimed by Maurice Kamto, that the filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo decided to accompany him once again in claiming his supposed victory by writing to French President Emmanuel Macron.

After initially marking his support for the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), Jean-Pierre Bekolo does not do in the language of wood. "Mr. Kamto's victory is an opportunity to settle and war and transition," he said on his twitter page.

Indeed, according to the content of the letter addressed to the French Head of State, it is written that "Emmanuel Macron Hello, my name is Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Franco-Cameroonian filmmaker, I do not understand why you leave to rot the situation in Cameroon by supporting old Paul Biya. The victory of Mr. Kamto is an opportunity to settle and war and transition, "he wrote on his twitter page, tagging Emmanuel Macron.

Some time ago, the author of the famous film "Quartier Mozart" announced in a statement that he supports the penalty shooter. He justified his choice on the latter by estimating that he is the only candidate for the presidium of October 7 to sign the "Cultural Pact" written in 10 points, which he proposed to the nine candidates competing for the conquest of the palace of Etoudi to change the situation of artists in Cameroon.

"I call on the artists and all the people involved in culture or interested parelle to work for the change of their situation by voting for the one who is committed by this pact to change their fate and the situation of art in Cameroon Jean-Pierre Bekolo said by inviting artists to adhere to his vision. What seems to have succeeded because, today, the artist and social activist Valsero joined the ranks of the team of Maurice Kamto.

Source: The Essential No. 207