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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Victory of Kamto: the pawns of Paul Biya reveal themselves

The announcement of Maurice Kamto did not look like a brave challenge against the law of the all-powerful pharaoh of Cameroon, since the electoral code in its articles 113 and 116 grants candidates and scrutineers the right to publish the lawsuit. signed after the counting of the votes. And besides, in his smooth speech with a velvet tongue, Kamto promised a retirement and five-star security to Paul Biya. But the regime took the opportunity to put Maurice Kamto at the foot of the scaffold, with a series of shots in the hussar in the corrupt media that greedily bite the cake skim the power (parenthesis, I will return).

Well before the election on Friday night, Paul Atanga-Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration (Interior), had already threatened that any form of challenge to the verdict of the ballot box outside the legal channels would not be tolerated.With his thick jacket like the hair of a shepherd dog, a hallucinatory air of drug addict, a martial skinhead accent, the butcher's gestures, this ministron who was chased out of his own village with stones, added:? When it comes to defending republican legality, the state becomes a cold monster who enforces the law, just the law?

Issa Tchiroma, the opposition's former actress who now licks Biya's boots with a disgusting tartufferie, says:? Maurice Kamto and company are bad losers ?. In other words, the Minister of Communication and government spokesman who castigates Maurice Kamto sharply for breaking the law by declaring himself the winner, falls into his own trap by saying that Maurice Kamto lost the election.

It would be expected that the opposition would take melon and mark the regime with the pants with all the evidence of irregularities. But no! Opponents, who were already suspected of collusion with the party in power, rather engage in a pitched battle against the opposition candidate Maurice Kamto, and take advantage of their passages on the media platoons under the rule of the totalitarian regime, for him drag nasty tackles to the limit of the carnage.

Kamto must wait for the referee's final whistle. Even if it is to contest the elections, we have to wait for the process to be completed. Kamto is a law professor like me, he knows it very well. I call this a sham and it must be condemned with the last energy, "says Prof. Nkou Mvondo, president of the party Universe, who supported the candidacy of Cabral Libii, who self-proclaimed elected the same day to 16 hours, before the end of the vote in Cameroon and in the diaspora, and even asked the people to go down the street.

Nkou Mvondo, a long-night drinking partner of the party in power who bears the same name of the Mvondo family as Paul Biya Bi Mvondo, son of Mvondo Assam, used Cabral Libii as a Turk's head to divert the opposition. In his own village, it was the CPDM that won all votes and not Cabral Libii, candidate of his so-called opposition party.

It is on the antennas of RFI that Joshua Osih, candidate of the SDF, left to be indignant with the crime of lèse-majesté committed by Maurice Kamto of which it judges the illegal step:? It is good wars that the various candidates try to appropriate the victory before the hour.But again, I think it's unfortunate because it risks compromising our chances for a real alternation. The SDF is the political party of the opposition that had the most representatives in the polling stations. At present, however, it has been possible to collect less than 20% of the results of the minutes. The other trends, those of the hinterland can not be gathered until Tuesday evening. It is to believe that Cameroon is the other end of the world where there is no telephone, no Whatsapp, no fax!

Joshua Osih is in the same position as Garga who gargles in a delusion to infect foul Kamto, the only candidate of the opposition who managed to make a coalition with the heavyweight Akere Muna. These surface opponents are only kamikazes of the party in power for many years. In 1992, after the defeat of Fru Ndi diverted by Paul Biya, Master Akere Muna had filed an appeal, but it is the executives and the president of the SDF who had canceled this step by denying their lawyer.Garga is wearing a glittering opposition suit as he thanks Biya every day for saving him from the ghost cemetery. Nkou Mvondo surveyed all the family corridors of power and uses a bicep without biceps which he believes will beat the opponents muscular, equipped, aggregated high notoriety, technical knockout. But all these opponents are only serving the regime in place by raising the children, the unconscious, and brandishing Kamto-Akere as dangers of peace and democracy. As Talleyrand said:? Politics is a certain way of agitating the people before using them?

Reporter: REMY NGONO