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Friday, October 12, 2018

Victory of Kamto: Me Yondo Black recalls the humiliating past of Issa Tchiroma

The former president of the Cameroon Bar Association, who has supported Maurice Kamto in this post-election battle 2018, did not miss Issa Tchiroma this Thursday at the press conference of the MRC in Douala, stopped by the police.

The famous Cameroonian lawyer who calls himself "father of Cameroonian democracy" for his long fights during the so-called embers period, namely the 90-91 denounced this Thursday in Douala, the CPDM and its allies who are attacking Maurice Kamto and tries to muzzle him, he who claims his victory after the poll of October 7, 2018 organized by ELECAM, the body in charge of elections.

"I pleaded for Issa Tchiroma to get him out of prison. It was I who pleaded to get Garga Haman Adji out of jail. They had spent 5 years in prison without trial and they dare to say that Paul Biya is a legalist, that he respects the law. Be serious!"Launched the lawyer who also states that;"The people for whom we were in prison, when they had the freedom to speak on TV - I'm talking about my fellow politicians - they arrogated the right to speak to themselves, and not us. "

"Never push for tribal hatred. I am Douala, I saw Douala who assaulted me saying that '' you accept that Kamto is president of Cameroon? '' Kamto is Cameroonian like me, and in the democracy it is the law of the number "a he added before the police burst into Albert Ndzongang's home to stop this meeting with the press, as reported by

The history between the current Minister of Communication and the former B√Ętonnier goes back to 1984. Suspected of being involved in the coup attempt of 1984, Issa Tchiroma is arrested on April 16, 1984, he will be incarcerated in Kondengui Prison before being transferred to Yoko Prison. At his trial in a military court, he was defended by Yondo Black.

After more than six years in prison, he is released in 1990. And in the so-called embers period, namely the years 90-91, Issa Tchiroma and Me Yondo Black will get together and create with other rebels, the Coordination of Political Parties of the Opposition before the separation.