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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Victory of Kamto: here is the official reaction of the USA!

The American Diplomatic Representation in Cameroon has just officially pronounced on the electoral process underway in Cameroon. In a social media post, the US Embassy urged all stakeholders to wait for official results before deciding on the so-called winner.

"The Embassy of the United States congratulates all Cameroonians who voted on October 7. Prior to the elections, many argued that, in the long-standing view, coalitions improve the likelihood of an election competition in a single round of voting with multiple parties. We reaffirm our neutrality with regard to results and strongly support the right of the Cameroonian people to choose their leader in the democratic process. We call on all parties to wait until the official results are announced before deciding on the alleged winner, and to peacefully resolve any grievance through established legal channels? ", Reads the official Facebook page of the Embassy of USA.

A thinly veiled allusion to the approach of the MRC candidate Maurice Kamto who, during a press conference yesterday Monday, announced his victory and demanded a "peaceful transition of power?".

On social networks, this output of the US Embassy has been variously perceived by Internet users.

While some question the neutrality of the US Representation denouncing a statement against Maurice Kamto, others see it as a diplomatic act that will contribute much to the resolution of the crisis looming on the horizon.