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Friday, October 12, 2018

Victory of Kamto: Eric Kinguè warns Atanga Nji and Issa Tchiroma

The campaign director of the MRC candidate says he is not intimidated by these "threats". Indeed, according to him, the two ministers put everything in place to apprehend it.


On 05/10/2018, I held a press conference at the headquarters of the candidate President Maurice Kamto, of which I am the Campaign Director. During the said press conference, I informed the national and international opinion on the threats of massive fraud perpetrated by the regime on the one hand, and the flagrant and highly paradoxical complicity of the body in charge of organizing elections in Cameroon, ELECAM, to cover the barbaric and ostentatious violations of the electoral law on the other hand.

Considering that it is legitimate and well-founded to protect the interests of the electors in general and those of my particular candidate, I have firmly stated and reaffirmed my determination not to tolerate any fraud, no matter where it comes from and no matter what. that is the circumstance in which it occurred.

Reacting only a few minutes after the said press conference Messrs. Atanga Nji Paul and Issa Tchiroma Bakari, respectively MINAT and MINCOM, went to the wall through a press conference to endorse me with open threats in the world of arrest in the next few days, on the grounds that I was planning the destabilization of their regime. Their unveiled threats while we are in an election period sufficiently suggest their real will to cheat massively to give victory to their candidate while it is invisible throughout the Cameroonian territory.

At the end of their threats, there is a question of knowing the real opportunity of their joint releases when they are not concerned by the electoral process in terms of the law. Persisting in their incomprehensible step, dated 06/10/2018, Mr. Issa Tchiroma Bakara at the occasion of a second press conference, this time alone, came back abundantly, on the same threats letting transpire a real will to attack once more my freedom, even my life.

In light of the foregoing, I am pleased to solemnly draw the attention of the national and international community to the serious threats that Messrs. Atanga Nji and Issa Tchiroma Bakari pose to my life and that of my candidate, Mr. Maurice Kamto. I take these threats very seriously while reiterating firmly that no fraud will be tolerated throughout the current electoral process.

I will not give in to any intimidation and pledge to denounce and protect in the strict respect of the law, the votes of my candidate. Ultimately, the universal principle of democracy would require elections to be held without pressure or corruption to bring them the necessary credibility. This seems not to be the case with regard to massive violations of the provisions of the law governing the elections in Cameroon. I call on the international community, the entire Cameroonian people to see the Inquisition moving in our country.


- UN-New York;

-UN-Human Rights Committee / Geneva;

- Ambassador of the USA;

- Ambassador France;

- Ambassador of Great Britain;

-Transparency International;

-African Union


-Amnesty International;

- Cameroonian people - National and international press;

Paul Éric Kinguè, Campaign Director of President Maurice Kamto.