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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Victory of Kamto: dry and educational answer to Grégoire Owana

In response to your publication about President KAMTO's press conference

1-? First, President KAMTO did not proclaim the presidential election results.Only the Constitutional Court of Cameroon has jurisdiction to do so during a solemn ceremony organized for this purpose. He announced having received clear mandate from the people. This implies, in French, that he believes he has won, without engaging the supreme judicial institution.It is the expression of freedom of expression, guaranteed by the constitution, in addition to being a common practice in all democracies. No figures have been mentioned.

2-? Secondly, other candidates have done it today, like Cabral Libii, whose name you voluntarily keep silent.

3- Terzo, Biya does it through TV channels as vision 4, a real ideological apparatus of the state, in the sense that Louis Althusser understood it, this sinister chain looping the information that Biya would have 100% votes to deceive Cameroonians.

4-? Quarto, in previous elections, Issa Tchiroma and other ministers of sad memory passed directly after the ballot inform the national opinion in the 20h CRTV Newspaper that Biya had won and communicated figures they were alone to hold . You are therefore not in a good position to give lessons, and can not blame President Kamto for doing what you have always done, under the "clean hands" theory.

5-? Finally, in a recent fax, Jean Kuete of the CPDM asked Cabral Libii and NKOU MVONDO, who has just been appointed to the Independent National Electoral Commission, to announce their victory 24 hours after the election, which was respected by Mr. LIBII. .

6- So, dear sir, close your flapper!

Reporter: Kand Owalski