Thursday, October 11, 2018

URGENT: Joshua Osih Negotiated the Leader of the Opposition

Joshua Osih, candidate of the SDF for the presidential election of October 7, is in full negotiation with the Biya regime, we inform a source close to the Palace.

According to our source, the vice president of the party of John Fru Ndi would have begun talks with the civil cabinet of Paul Biya to be recognized as Leader of the Opposition. The same civilian cabinet is suspected of being the initiator of Cabral Libii's bid to destabilize the opposition.

Since the announcement of his candidacy, Joshua Osih has failed to gain unanimous support within the party. Several party officials defected to the announcement of his candidacy. The deputy Jean-Michel Nintcheu of Wouri East gave Wednesday his support to Maurice Kamto. In the diaspora, especially in Germany, the voices rise to ask the head of Joshua Osih. In a media outing, the SDF candidate openly lambasted the statement of Maurice Kamto. We will come back...