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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Urgent: German deputies demand departure of Paul Biya now translate in English

Mr Maas, Mrs Merkel, it's time to take responsibility - Christoph Hoffmann

The Green Party and the Liberal Party (FDP) were originally (Thursday, October 11) an exchange session in parliament in Berlin. On this occasion, the German government was accused of allowing the situation in the English-speaking provinces of Cameroon to rot. But the deputies also stressed the responsibility of the Cameroonian power.

Decades of corruption

German MPs from all walks of life have a unanimous reading of the situation in Cameroon: decades of poor governance have, according to them, allowed Cameroonian President Paul Biya and his entourage to enrich themselves and sow the seeds of corruption. germs of the current dispute in the English-speaking provinces of the country.

For the Green Party MP Uwe Kekeritz, the German government has done a bad job of continuing its cooperation instead of quickly taking stock of the situation. Very committed to Africa, Uwe Kekeritz asserts in an interview with the DW to regularly inform himself of the developments of the crisis in Cameroon and indicates to have called the government "several times" but that it has "each time denied that there is a crisis in Cameroon. " That's why, he says, "I wonder how seriously the government takes these events!"

Serious criticism against the Berlin executive

The populist AfD party accuses the German executive of having approved despite all the financial aid of 100 million euros over the period 2017-2019 for Cameroon, regardless of the failure of cooperation with this country.

Worse, the green deputy Uwe Kekeritz evokes a support that would have been planned in favor of the Cameroonian security apparatus. Without giving any further details, the member asserts that it is mainly a matter of training soldiers, and it was planned for 2020-2021, and because of our reaction, this plan has been withdrawn for the time being. to say that for now, Germany and Europe are not going to execute this training plan. "

But this accusation is swept aside by the ruling conservative camp, as are criticisms of Germany's inaction on conflict prevention in Africa. For Thorsten Frei, a member of the CDU party (Chancellor Christian Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union), "the means for crisis prevention have been in place since 2005 (when Angela Merkel's CDU came to power, ed. It is therefore absurd to argue that successive governments have done nothing in this area. "

For a mediation in Cameroon

How to deal with the escalation that is taking shape in Cameroon? The Greens Party and the Liberals each submitted a proposal that boils down to asking for mediation between the protagonists.Christoph Hoffmann of the liberal FDP party says his party is asking "Germany to join forces with other states to set up a mediation process." This would create a space for dialogue and lead to an exit solution from the violence. "

Refraining from taking a stand on the electoral process, the German deputies say they want to demand accountability after millions of euros of public money have been paid into the coffers of Cameroon.