Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Touching open letter to Atangana, President of the Constitutional Council

I hope that this nomination, which is in keeping with your stature at the top of the constitutional council, will not cause you any trouble in the seraglio. He says to himself that the real president is very sensitive to everything that comes close to his power; I would understand that you forbid me to call you that, for fear of suspicion on your person. . .

I have thought a lot about you since the election of October 7, positively it must be said. Even today I was watching a video where you are gloating after your appointment as head of this powerful body among the institutions of our country. You were so happy to join the manger, so happy to be among the barons of the Republic of thieves and looters; and now less than 8 months after you start to understand that you have been trapped by your friends. In truth, here is the only, the only, and perhaps the last important moment for which you have been chosen. And I know that by accepting this responsibility you do not really imagine that it would be one! You saw your missions as a mere routine formality to the renewal regime to which you proudly belonged on the evening of your appointment. You did not know, as most of you do, that there would indeed be this violent wind, this devastating cyclone which fattened opportunely with the moral and intellectual clobbering of the men of your camp; who has drawn his energy from insults, denigrations, & c. self-esteem by members of your Camp too overestimated. Today the cyclone is very big and dictates the atmosphere and climate of our country.

They need you to legitimize their fraud because like your colleague of ELECAM you have the real results of this election. These results strongly reflect the lassitude of an oppressed people, despised but now ready for anything for their freedom. I can already tell you that he will not be robbed. I know how hard it must be for you when you go out for your office in the morning. I imagine they call you every second, from the presidency to the directorates-general to beg you not to give in to your conscience that still speaks to you, I say to myself. They even promise you ministerial posts, talk about ethnic pride to trap your cultural sensitivity. I know they're making you huge bids for our money. In the office, you are surrounded by colleagues from your party who have a little eye on you. They watch every single phone call you make or receive; they are afraid that you will disappoint them, that you choose to be with the people this time. And then when you take the road at the end of the day to return home, away from harassment, he still remains your wife to face at home. The member does not let you sleep. She explains and explains that Biya must stay at all costs because, she says, your career depends on him. And you start to believe that they are all right. In any case, what would you lose by renewing the dictator? On the contrary you win 07 years more! In your little head, yes!

I would like you to think right now about Alieue Oumar Njai from The Gambia. Like you, he was appointed by Yahya Jammeh 06 months of the presidential election to help him stay in power. You can imagine that Umar should be in the same situation as you right now, under the same pressure, calculating his own interests. If Oumar pronounced the results in favor of Jammeh this one left in every way. The people did not want him anymore. But he would not have left alone. Oumar would also be gone; certainly gone to prison while Yahya enjoyed immunity. But Oumar chose to enter the history of The Gambia; he had the courage and spiritual strength beyond the pressures, beyond selfishness, to declare Adama Barrow winner and new president of The Gambia. Today Oumar is the president of the electoral commission of his country. What a happy ending is not it? The boat capsized without him.

Be the Oumar Njai of Cameroon Mr. President and history will hold you forever. Do not be afraid of your head, it will not jump. The people guarantee your protection once you have declared it winner. The taxpayer will continue to use your know-how. You will become a national hero and your memory will be taught to posterity as an example of patriotism. Cameroonians will give your name to their sons to eternalize you through the generations. I will write a book about you. . .

Your task is not so heavy as that. It's just crossing the line that separates our two worlds and finally finding you on the right side before the whirlwind devastates everything. I wrote you this letter to tell you that the Cameroonian people are reaching out to you. Enter one!

Respectfully yours.

Reporter: Kand Owalski