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Sunday, October 21, 2018

This people gave me a lot of confidence - Maurice Kamto

Thus expressed the Mrc candidate Wednesday, to put an end to the pleadings of his council before the 11 magistrates of the Constitutional Council. The entirety of his words. 

Mr. President of the Jury,

Honorable Members of the Constitutional Council,

My name is Kamto Maurice. I was born on February 15, 1954 in Bafoussam. Bafoussam indicates a geographical location in Cameroon. According to our ethnic nomenclature in Cameroon, I am Bamileke. But I always considered myself Cameroonian before anything else. First of all because of my personal itinerary because after having started my primary and secondary studies in Bafoussam, I pursued them in Douala. I continued my university studies in Yaoundé. Throughout this journey, I have forged strong friendships from other parts of Cameroon and these links have remained to this day.I have whole lineages in my own family that go to other parts of Cameroon that I do not need to mention here.

Some would have liked me to come here to apologize for my ethnic origins. That no ! Because I ask for several years in this country: "Which of us has chosen to be born where he was born? It happened to me during the campaign to say "say it".Tell me South. If to be Bulu you have to pass a contest, tell me which contest then, I want to pass it to become Bulu too.

No, honorable members of the Council,

You must not let the pollution that has smoked and poisoned for months during the pre-campaign and post-campaign periods, stifles our dear and beautiful country. I will not apologize for being Cameroonian because I am Cameroonian.

Some people would have liked me to apologize for working as Minister of the Republic with the current President, outgoing President, Mr. Biya Paul.

I confirm before your board that I supported my doctoral dissertation at the University of Nice on a Friday and Sunday I was in Yaoundé because a young Cameroonian 49 years had just come to power and I felt that it was my duty to bring him my greatest support.

I will not apologize for being a minister of his government because I have given the best of myself where he has placed me and the files he has given me.

Some would have wanted me to apologize for resigning from his government, forming a political party, and standing as a candidate for him. No, I will not apologize. First of all, because as a citizen of this country, I have the right to do so, but also and above all because I believe very deeply that we are at a stage in the history of our country where we must have the courage to say that there is a time for everything and that if this President of the Republic loves, as I believe his country, he must in the heart of himself, know that he has given the best of himself. same and that he has little more to offer to this country. Then, it would be criminal for those who intone these hymns to believe that in Cameroon, there is one and only one person to lead the destiny of Cameroon. It would be tragic because then I wonder the day when, as we all will be remembered, for those who believe in God, what would happen to our country.

Honorable members of the Constitutional Council,

My advice have exposed to you, with irrefutable evidence, the reasons why the presidential election of October 7 should be canceled, especially in the regions Adamaoua, East, Far North, North, North West, South, South West, and some other localities.

At the moment when the honor and the privilege of addressing your august jurisdiction give me the pleasure of your court, I hope to behold, at the end of this audience, the luster of your decision. But at the same time, I can not help but think of the 25 million of our compatriots who, at this very moment, have their gaze turned towards the summit of this proud hill where you are called to write a decisive page of history national.

Honorable members of the Constitutional Council, when on October 8, the day after the presidential election the day before, I claimed the favor of the polls, I relied on the results from the polling stations.

In Adamaoua, I won in the districts of Bankim and Tignère. In the city of Ngaoundere, abstention was very high.

In the Center, I won in four of the seven arrondissements in the capital namely: Yaoundé 2, Yaoundé 3, Yaoundé 5 and Yaoundé 6.

To the east, outside the town of Bertoua where I was in second position, all my representatives were kicked out of polling stations everywhere else.

In the Far North, around 22h, the field information had given me winner in the districts of Touloum, Guidiguis, Moulvoudaye, Dziguilao, in Mayo-Kani;Kalfu, Datcheka, Mvele, Kai-Kai, Mayo-Danay. In the Diamaré, the Rdpc decided to force many of our representatives out of the polling stations, and until 5.30 pm, less than 20% of voters went to vote. In Mayo-sava, I was in the lead after the vote count.In Mayo-Tsanaga, despite the fact that an armed gang seized the polling stations to stuff the ballot boxes, acts against which several of my representatives were sequestrated at the gendarmerie for daring to protest, I was on the heels of candidate of the Rdpc after the counting of the votes.

In the Littoral, I gained largely in all the cities of the department of Mungo, in the city of Douala and I came third in Sanaga-Maritime.

In the North, I gained a lot in the Mayo-Oulo, Demsa and Faro-and-Deo boroughs.

In the Northwest, there were no elections, as my lawyers clearly showed.

In the West, from 21h, we had all the results except the department of Noun where we won everywhere with a very large majority in the Mifi.

In the South, we could not have any results. All my representatives having been excluded from the polling stations, hunted like criminals, molested without any recourse. One day, we will have to deal with the question of the status of the candidate's representative or of a party in the polls, because these are people who are the key to voting in our system but who do not enjoy the right to vote. no protection, which can be thrown out, imprisoned without benefiting from any protection.

Mr. President of the Constitutional Council,

Honorable Council Members,

Victory and defeat are the two possible outcomes of a war like success and failure, of any confrontation or competition. I never thought that it was impossible for me to lose the presidential election of October 7th. Only, I tried to put all the chances on my side, going to meet the Cameroonian people in their places of life in the deepest part of the country. I had to practice the trials of impassable and dangerous roads to reach them. I shared their daily lives in their precarious homes, their lack of drinking water, their lack of access to electricity that plunged their lives into darkness at night. Their misery has upset my conscience. Everywhere, I told them what we would do together to put an end to this situation. These people realized that I can fight for them, suffer with them. I promised myself to spare no energy in my heart, saying that if in the evening of October 7th I was not chosen to be the next President of the Republic of this country, I will nevertheless have given to the Cameroonian people all my faith and sincerity. This people understood me and gave me a lot of confidence.

Honorable members of the Constitutional Council, this is not just an electoral dispute. This is a historical dispute between a flattened Cameroon, which from the beginning seeks to recover, and Cameroon arrogant reigning, contemptuous, sure of its fact. I listen and hear protests across the country, including at the polls with unprecedented brutality to say that they have spoken 100% in favor of the candidate Biya Paul. This is not just constitutional litigation. It is also the litigation of an electoral system that you can not allow to prosper again because it certainly leads our country straight to the tragedy of endless reigns, blind to their own exhaustion and deaf to the cry of the distress of a squeezed people, whose dignity is wrenched and despairing and who asks: "Are not we your compatriots?For the war situation he allowed to settle and thrive in the English-speaking regions of North West and South West, the outgoing incumbent candidate Biya Paul did not win and could not win the presidential election of October 7th in such a context in these regions. By the tribalism orchestrated by the services of the State who instil hatred in the veins of the Cameroonian society to destroy the living together, the national cohesion and ultimately, our Nation so fragile, without stumbling the incumbent presidential candidate, the proof is made that the will of the candidate Biya Paul to stay in power by all means and at all prices is above all things including Cameroon itself. Because I can not understand that the President of the Republic is silent in front of this surge of hatred. Where are we going with the withdrawal of identity? Because it is part of its constitutional function of guarantor of the unity of Cameroon and does not appeals to anyone or high officials of the State who engage in this dangerous exercise for our country nor in the service of the State which is lends it. I can not understand it.

It is understandable in these conditions that the presidential election of October 7 has turned into a pitiful spectacle of electoral savagery where Elecam, the leaders of the Rdpc, the administration, or even the justice and the security forces have surpassed themselves to vote in the place of the voters. As their job was not without reproach, the computer scientists took over to replace the ballot boxes and distributed votes and percentages of voting according to long-time forecasts where it was decided that the candidate Biya Paul will have to be elected costs that is worth with a score higher than 70%.These data have been in public places for many months already. I pass the false polls that are coupled with the false observers of Transparency International invented for the occasion. This percentage devolves to the winner that the Rdpc asks you to devote circulates for more than a year already. Never had I imagined that a candidate who reigns over the country without sharing for 36 years, will take the risk of the destruction of our homeland to stay in power. If that had been my conviction, I would not have applied because nothing is more dear to me than the unity, peace and happiness of our country and our people. But since this election has shown that the regime that has been in place for half a century will never accept that the democratic game that guarantees the peaceful alternation of power takes place in our country, it imposes itself on me and I am sure of it. to many other Cameroonian compatriots, the imperious and noble duty of resistance to the perpetual spoliation of our freedom and our legitimate right to the free choice of our leaders.

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Constitutional Council, I appeal to your consciences of mothers and fathers or even grandparents. The time has come to give our children and even our grandchildren a chance, to the Cameroonian youth who have expressed themselves massively as never before in this election and who has expressed their deep desire to have a President of the Republic. Do not kill his dream by condoning the massive and barbaric frauds, the unprecedented abuses and electoral eruptions, by which one wants to stifle his voice. You would urge this youth to greater despair, which always has desolation and mourning. The Cameroonian people are standing and no one will deprive them of the freedom for which many of the sons and daughters of this country have given their lives so that we are here today standing and the word is given to us. The Cameroonian people are standing and as I told them everywhere I went to meet him, I will never betray him. Here and now, I renew my commitment to stand by him until the new day that this land of pain calls for so long comes up.

At his side I have committed to Manga, Bouba, Ntanga, Atangana, Njoya, Wamba, Ekoka, Essoka, Ndifor, Agbor, Mbele, Mbezele, Hamadou, Salifou ... My fight is a fight is a fight for the smallest, those that we never see, who suffer and are silent and who must now come to the light.Faced with the tragedy unfolding in the English-speaking regions of the country, I have tirelessly proposed what remains to me the only way out of this crisis, a sincere and inclusive dialogue. I have been accused of complicity with the secessionists.

Throughout my election campaign, I reached out to everyone because I do politics without hatred or any desire for revenge. I was spit on accusing myself of arrogance. When, on the basis of figures released from the polls in the areas of the country where the election was conducted in a manner that was almost acceptable on October 7, I declared that I had the favor of the polls responded with hate speech, contemptuous and threatening, sometimes promising me the worst. The irremediable incapacity for openness, dialogue, respect for others is unfortunately included in the genetic heritage of this regime.

A writer said: "When you have a hammer as the only tool, for you everything is a nail and so your reflex is to hit." But will not overcome my determination to fulfill my commitment of loyalty to Cameroonians.The Cameroonian people is my only director of conscience. He is my only boss. He saw me at work. Even though everything was done so that he did not see me and he did not hear me. He experienced me in different ways. He did me the honor to invest me as his first choice at the polls on October 7th.

Honorable members of the Constitutional Council, those who for years have proclaimed, arrogant and contemptuous, that after Biya it will be Biya, bend weapons of war in a macabre conspiracy against the Cameroonian people and the Cameroonian nation. Do not agree to be the instrument of the forced passage of the outgoing incumbent for a seventh term. It would be a real disaster for Cameroon. You must dispel the clouds piling up on the horizon of our country by taking the courage to make the only decision that is necessary with regard to the acts and behaviors that irreparably tainted the poll of October 7 in many administrative districts of the country. countries, and in particular in the 07 regions referred to in our request. At the hour of your verdict, the victory will be that of the justice which soothes the victory;that of your high and invaluable jurisdiction which has shown courage, independence and patriotism; that of the Cameroonian people ultimately, Cameroonian people hoping that will have been rewarded in his patience.

I ask only one thing, that the will of this people who did not give their majority choice to the outgoing president be respected and that the candidate whom he has invested with confidence to assume the functions of President of the Republic for the mandate to be inaugurated soon be established in its victory by the Constitutional Council and this will be justice.

Thank you.