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Thursday, October 4, 2018

This is how Cabral Libii is manipulated in political spheres

Cabral Liibi joined the University of Yaounde II in 1999 and obtained his first degree in 2008. That is 09 years to obtain a license for 03 years (we will come back on the grotesque conditions of obtaining this in a timely manner). But let's go there.

At the end of 2003, Cabral was enlisted in the National Youth Forum (FONAJEUN) whose philosophical and logistical godfather was Chief Mila Assoute Pierre then designated member of the Central Committee of the CPDM and representative of the group of modernists from whom Christian Penda Ekoka left. , the late Pius Ottou, & c. FONAJEUN is coordinated by the present Doctor Paul ABOUNA, professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Yaoundé I whose nephew is the one who presents Cabral who becomes spokesperson.Recall that Dr. Abouna was locked up in Kondengui by Amougou Belinga boss Vision 4 where Cabral was a consultant and who locked up David Eboutou and Patrick Sapack. It was just a reminder.

At Fonajeun, we find as members and managers Makondo Joseph Raoul (Legal Affairs and Litigation Officer) who was Head of Division of Restoration at the University of Douala, Derek Dzeka Tangwa (Secretary General) teacher, Bagnaken Machia Martial (Public Relations) in service at MINEDUH, Efendene Gaston Albert Administrator of the Registry l, Makeng Salomon and Bonono bakota René, teacher (all delegates), Philippe Nabaye (Coordinator East) supervisor general, Bruno Mevengue (Coordinator Center) in service to the ANOR, Alphonse Tonye (Coast Coordinator) in service at SONEL, Serges Ondobo (delegate for Mfoundi) and many others.

This dynamic will accompany Mila Assouté until the rejection of his candidacy for the presidential election of 2004 with brilliant actions such as the calls of 5 thousand and a thousand young people asking Mr. Biya to no longer stand for election. 2004.

In 2005, when the ADDEC launched the strike at the University of Yaounde I, Makondo Joseph Raoul launched a farce strike at the University of Yaounde II which resulted in his recruitment as an executive at the University. Cabral is enlisted in this dynamic with his brother Makondo, but does not enjoy the same sympathy with the Rector of the university at the time, member of the RDPC, Tabi Manga.

But, Tabi Manga will use Cabral and his friends to counter all the inclinations of the ADDEC to extend their hegemony to the University of Yaounde including by exerting physical violence on its members during one of their descents in Yaounde II.To this end Cabral and his friends had recruited big arms to beat the members of the main student union of Cameroon.

Cabral will have helped to prevent the presence of the ADDEC at the University of Yaoundé II alongside Makondo Joseph Raoul.

In February 2007, Mila Assouté decided to revive the activities of the party then called the Rally for Change of the New Republic (RCNR), already in political exile in France.He will therefore send on behalf of Cabral the sum of 500 FCFA for the organization of launch activities with the idea of ​​preparing the legislative and municipal.

At the time of the facts, Cabral resides at the University University of Yaoundé I at room B004 and Makondo is at B201. A divergence will be born between Makondo Joseph Raoul, Bagnaken Machia, Derek Dzeka Tangwa, Bonono Bakota René and him because some considered that it was simply necessary to share this money without any other continuation. Cabral voted for the sharing of money because according to him Milla Assoute was in exile.

Finally the idea of ​​the revival will prosper and a press conference is organized in a restaurant Essos district in Yaoundé under the animation of Cabral and Bonono Bakota Rein. The party meetings will be held at the headquarters of Mr. Bikoe's Voix du Sud newspaper on the mobile Olezoa. The party will change its name to become Democratic Rally for the Modernity of Cameroon (CDRM). Cabral will then benefit from the support of Mila Assouté including the payment of her room and regular money transfers for her personal problems.

After the legislative and municipal elections of 2007, Cabral will withdraw from party activities and even politics, because Rector Tabi Manga convinced him by recruiting him with just the Baccalaureate through Makondo. It is therefore the betrayal of the RDMC which is worth to Cabral his recruitment to the University with the BAC because at the moment, he did not have a License yet.

After his recruitment, he was entrusted with the management of the shop of the student of the University of Yaounde II.After a year of management, the shop went bankrupt and Cabral is the subject of an arrest warrant for embezzlement of one million five hundred thousand with jurisdiction the city of Yaounde. This mandate was posted in the universities of Yaounde I and II. Makondo will succeed in getting him out of business and will be appointed to the post of Deputy Director of Radio Campus the equivalent of Head of Office of Public Administration.

In November 2009, Cabral, Makondo and others decided to hold a party leadership holdup by inventing a congress of the RDMC at the Hotel's residence located in Melen under the manipulation of Fame Ndongo, Minister of Higher Education.Makondo will become National President.It took the determination of DRC activists including Bonono Bakota René, now a member of Serge Espoir Matomba's campaign team to save the hands of these predators, Mila Assouté's party by defending him in all the media.

In 2011, in the aftermath of the presidential elections, Cabral launched a movement called VIGIPATRIE whose goal is the vigilance of the motherland with to advise Makondo Joseph Raoul. To date no record of this organization has been made as it is of the 11 million movement.

The people mentioned here can be approached to confront these facts. Check the information reported here.

The one we have in front of us is nothing more than a new pawn of Fame Ndongo and the regime used to break the opposition that is determined to overthrow Biya by manipulating the voices of the young to finally recognize the victory of Paul Biya.

Tomorrow we publish the confidences of a journalist on the financial proposals of Cabral LIBI around the presidential election where he clearly states that he is committed to share the election money.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt