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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

the wife of the assassinated Sub-prefect of Batibo writes open latter to Paul Biya

Julienne Namata seeks help from the government for the supervision of her children.

Extract from her moving testimony

After the abduction of my husband, it was not easy for me. When I go to bed, my husband is not there when I wake up, there is no one to talk to. With the nine children, it was really not easy. The situation alone is expensive. I had to take care of everything while it was my husband who took care of the big charges. I just assisted him. I told myself then that we had to engage the children in the small activities to enable them to gradually forget the absence of their father.

I gave a sum of money to each child to find something to look after. There are some who make donuts in shops while others sell candy in class secretly. I also made a henhouse for boys, so that all charges do not fall on me alone I have two children who have already finished their studies at the University of Buea and the University of Yaounde II-Soa. Today they are looking for work. The Minister of Territorial Administration has promised to do something in this way we are waiting

For memory, the Sub-prefect of Batibo Marcel Namata Diteng, was kidnapped by secessionists on February 11, 2018, day of celebration of the feast of the youth in Cameroon.

The news of his death was announced in the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan for People in the Southwest and Northwest Regions. It was on reading the document that his wife became aware of his death.

The administrative authority was removed while preparing to participate in the festivities of the National Youth Day. The research that was initiated as a result of his kidnapping simply gave birth to a mouse.