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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Sub-Prefect of Douala 3rd forbids the meeting of the Honorable Nintcheu

Announced to be held this Sunday, October 21, 2018 as part of the challenge of the results of the presidential election, the meeting followed by a march organized by the Honorable Jean Michel Nintcheu has just been banned by the Sub-Prefect of Douala 3rd.

In a letter addressed to the person concerned, the administrative authority of Douala 3rd, Nouhou Bello mentions "serious threats to disturbing public order with regard to its purpose ... "

This approach of the Honorable Jean Michel Nintcheu did not find a favorable echo in his political formation. Several authorized SDF voices condemned the initiative. "I supported a candidate during this presidential election and the election is over. Now, I support the position of candidate Maurice Kamto because he had the courage to declare himself a winner and I think that's good, "said Jean Michel Nintcheu.

Below the sub-prefect of Douala III