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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The strange course of Ndifor Afanwi, the messi who wants to sit in Etoudi

Pastor, with the rank of "prophet", the presidential candidate said to have committed after receiving a call from God.The "Almighty" would have entrusted him with a mission: to become President of the Republic to save Cameroon. Alleluia…

Go, and free the nation of Cameroon that is suffering. " This is the brief, but precise, message that God would have sent to his "prophet," Ndifor Frankline Afanwi. We are not here in the Holy Scriptures. Even less in the "early days" according to the Bible.But Ndifor Frankline Afanwi persuades himself to think that he received this divine message, "a few months ago". In the lineage of Moses, chosen by God to save his people from Egypt; or the Maid of Orleans, who in a wood received the call of Heaven to deliver France from the English occupation; the prophet Frankline Ndifor assures to be invested with the divine mission to "save Cameroon".

"[The presidential candidacy], is not about me. God has asked me to help this nation that is rotting, "he says tirelessly. The man, however, refrains from revealing the channel through which he was contacted by the deity, "so that people do not interpret it badly". He reassures however: "God never had a deep voice, because he is a God of love". Either ...

First call of God

It would be the second time, in 38 years of earthly presence, that Frankline Ndifor receives a call from God. Originally from Bafut (department of Mezam, North-West region) where he was born one day in November 1980, the future pastor spent part of his schooling there. He later migrated to Douala, the economic capital, where he continued his studies and graduated with a degree in computer engineering. While running a small computer engineering contractor, under contract with the United Nations, Ndifor Frankline Afanwi said he received "the Lord's call to begin the work of God". He then trades the keyboard for the Bible. His lexical field goes from circuits and computer programs to verses, word of God and deliverances.

The man begins to preach in Pentecostal churches and in 2010, he starts his own business. He creates the Kingship International Ministry and deflects the "prophet". This church based in Bonaberi district in Douala today claims a little more than 10,000 faithful. Like his peers in the faith industry, "Prophet Frank" endows the Kingship International Ministry with a television, Kingship TV. She gives an account of her teachings and gives to see "her miracles".

Entrepreneur of the faith

The second revelation, "Prophet Frank" receives it a few months ago. God then asks him to apply for the presidential election of October 2018 to become President of the Republic and "deliver the country." In September 2017, the man of God creates a political party: the National Program for Peace in Cameroon (NPPC).He immediately makes it legal.

Having no local elected, sine qua non condition to run for president, Ndifor Frankline Afanwi attaches the services of Jean Monthe Nkouobité. The latter is a former member of the National Assembly, leader of the political party Movement National Citizen Cameroon (MCNC) which has local elected officials in the city of Bafang, Department of Upper Nkam, Western Region.

"Ndifor was looking for a political party that could invest him to be a presidential candidate. We told him about Jean Monthe. They met several times. Monthe accepted, informing Ndifor that he was the material burden of this candidacy, "said a member of the campaign team candidate Ndifor. The wedding is announced in May 2018. Ndifor Frankline Afanwi officially launches into the race for supreme office under the colors of the MCNC. "Prophet Frank" is indeed presented as a successful entrepreneur in the realm of faith. "Despite his youth, he is the spiritual father of many people.

He did a lot of things for people who are still grateful to him today. When he received the revelation of running for president, the faithful volunteered to accompany him on this mission. He received money from all over the world to pay his bail and to finance his campaign, the United States, England and Belgium, etc. People for whom he prayed and who received many graces decided to help him, "said a devotee from the Kingship International Ministry to justify the means available to the prophet-candidate.

Campaign Team

The candidate then surrounds himself with a motley campaign team in which many are unaware of their missions so far. "We were caught like that," says one of them that "it is Ernest Pekeuho who is his campaign manager." Ernest Peukeho is a politician with a controversial background.

President of the Bric party, he invests Esther Dang as a candidate for the 2011 presidential election. In the process, he is accused of fraud by some of his activists and even remains behind bars. The journalist Sam Séverin Ango, who speaks the candidate, comes from the campaign team of Akere Muna. And Moh Walters, also in this team, is a defector of the SDF.

So far in the service of a member of the CPDM, Paul Biya's party, he says he supports the "prophet Frank" because "he is a man of God who is just". With this team, the candidate leads an evangelical campaign. In meetings, the prophet, like the evangelical preacher he is, preaches more. He appears as a pastor in an evangelistic crusade and much less as a candidate in the election campaign. This is confirmed by the annoyance shown by the members of his staff when asked for a draft of the project of society and the program of the "prophet". The culture of orality dominates here. We must therefore scrutinize the media outlets of the pastor to think about the direction to which the neo-evangelist wants to lead Cameroon.

Magical wand

For the most part, and apart from "delivering and saving Cameroon", Franfkline Ndifor counts: reduce the number of ministerial departments to 20, move to the federal state (the number of states remains to be determined), move to a six-year presidential term, to pardon the current head of state and all the personalities imprisoned in the fight against corruption, "industrialize Cameroon", digitize the entire public administration, boost the private sector , reduce taxes, mechanize agriculture, etc.Just that ... Asked about his solution of crisis in the English-speaking regions, Ndifor poses: "There are first elements that must be met, because it is not a problem that began today . We will work on it and see in a few days what it can give.

To those who reproach him for drawing plans on the comet, the "prophet" answers: "I am not a politician, I come with reality".He adds, "The person who can manage Cameroon well is this person who has a universal heart. Most of the Cameroonians complain because there is no work. But before making Cameroon the country where manna falls from the sky, the "elected of God" warned: "Cameroonians must learn to work [and] this requires a man of truth to redress Cameroon and give it strength to Development".

For him, we must "rectify the Cameroonian mentality", and there is no better than him to accomplish this divine task. "I am an expert in morality. I am a pastor. That means I can educate people to live well, "he claims. For October 7, the candidate is confident: "Win an election does not depend on a budget, but a personality that is friendly."

Source: Integration No. 340