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Friday, October 5, 2018

The SDF's strange compassion for secessionists in Batibo

After a visit to Batibo, in the North-West region of Momo Department, Joseph Mbah Ndam, MP of the Social Democratic Front in the National Assembly, certainly misses words to describe the sad spectacle he saw in his constituency.

Only today, many are those observers who wonder what speech his political formation, the SDF has held against the rise of the separatist ideology that plunges the North West and Southwest regions in the current chaos?

"I arrived at Batibo, I was afraid and ashamed, I did not find anyone; the herbs grew everywhere. I speak with tears in my eyes, I did not have the courage to go to the morgue because the bodies that were kept all rotten. It's the scene of horror and desolation I've been through.. "Make no mistake.

These remarks relayed by our sources are attributed to the deputy of the Sdf, Joseph Mbah Ndam, vicepresident in the National Assembly, after a stay in his native Batibo.A district bruised by the exactions of separatist terrorists. A rather surprising testimony, when one remembers the positions of elected representatives of the Sdf in the National Assembly where Joseph Mbah Ndam also officiates as vice-president.

Instead of strongly condemning the very unconstitutional idea of ​​the creation of a puppet state of Ambazonia, several observers believe that the elected representatives of the Sdf have generally illustrated in the hemicycle of Ngoa Ekelle by speeches of political politician. And this, say these observers, to ensure the English electorate of the North West and South West regions. When Joseph Mbah Ndam then paints the tragic picture of the horror generated orchestrated in Batibo by the secessionist terrorists, one is tempted to ask whose fault?

And the answer to this poignant question is given by Mrs. Aminateh Nkemngu Funya, a compatriot of the English-speaking part of our country. She points an accusing finger at a certain English-speaking elite who, actively or passively, has always campaigned for secessionist ideology. We destroyed our jobs at the Cdc, Pamol, Breweries.

We destroyed our farmland, our traditions, we took our children out of school, we made homeless, we chased our doctors, our nurses and sanitary staff. We burned our hospitals and health centers, we lost 6,500 jobs. According to estimates, the state lost more than 24 billion CFA francs because of this insane war. We decided to resist by taking the street on October 1, 2017.

We said that we did not want to see Francophones at home anymore. Yet now, it is among these same Francophones that we will seek refuge and protection: "what a disgrace, what a shame for Anglophones!Laments on social networks, this lady practically in tears.

Solemn commitment

For some analysts, all those who today support the secessionist cause, pretend to ignore this solemn commitment made by President Paul Biya before the Cameroonian people on November 6, 1982, during his first swearing in the National Assembly . The main actor of this historical event is none other than the late Salomon Tandeng Muna, native of the English-speaking part of our country, a major player in the reunification of Cameroon.

On this occasion, the President of the National Assembly then asked the future president Paul Biya if he promised "(...) to spare no effort to preserve , protect, defend the Constitution and the laws of the United Republic of Cameroon; to ensure the common will of the Nation and to respect and defend the unity, integrity and independence of Cameroon's homeland? To this fundamental question, Paul Biya replied: "I swear it".

The all-new President of the Republic will also reaffirm it in his very first speech of investiture by stating bluntly: "(...) The commitment of constitutional order is the reaffirmation of the oath that I have just made. I hear then, with the help of all Cameroonians and all Cameroonians, and in my capacity as President of the Republic, Head of State and Head of Government, to fulfill this sacred duty imposed on me by the Constitution namely, to ensure its respect, as to independence, sovereignty, security and unity of the State, to ensure the conduct of the affairs of the Republic, my illustrious predecessor has never failed to this duty I will not fail. "

One could therefore understand the current determination of the head of state to combat the heresies that some secessionist attempt to use maliciously for political ends. To Joseph Mbah Ndam, one is tempted to remind him that time remains a ruthless judge.

Source: The New No. 452