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Friday, October 12, 2018

The origins of the Zcard from the engineer Arthur Zang, the inventor of the first African medical tablet

The Cameroonian engineer Arthur Zang, inventor of Cardiopad, the first African medical tablet, signed on September 17, 2018 in Yaoundé, a partnership agreement with Campost for the exploitation of the Zcard, a smart card allowing make payments through electronic terminals.

This agreement with the Campost thus devotes the official launch of the Zcard, project that the inventor of the Cardiopad refines since 2016, through the Zng Smart Card Factory, the company created for this purpose, and thanks to which the Cameroonian engineer announced the creation of 150 direct jobs.

In an interview with La Nouvelle Expression on Friday, September 28, 2018, the inventor returns to the origin of this project that will change the way of life of Cameroonians.

"In 2013, I created the first company that sold smart cards to universities thanks to software that I programmed and therefore, I wanted to produce cards on the spot to be able to use them in other areas of application. only for identification, security and access control.

So, that's why I decided to set up a factory in Cameroon and when we were able to set up the first production line, we decided that we needed to multiply the products, find more applications for them. smart cards that could make people's lives easier. And the first thing that seemed very obvious to us was the use of smart cards for electronic payment.

As a result, we studied our environment and realized that there were many currency problems in our country, especially in taxis and in the cagots. There are several destinations in the city of Yaoundé including Central Station, Nkoabang, Mendong where we had to round the taxi costs from 150 FCFA to 200 FCFA because people never had the currency, so 50 FCFA to pay their destination.

So, thanks to this smart card, currency problems will no longer arise in our country. That's why we designed this project to facilitate access to electronic payments. "