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Sunday, October 14, 2018

the new revelations of Fame Ndongo on Paul Biya

The arithmetic semiotic essay published by Pr. Jacques Fame Ndongo describes the exceptional destiny of the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon, has a unique destiny.

Revelation made by Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo, Minister of Higher Education, in his new book entitled "The phenomenon Paul Biya".

In this work of 150 pages, published by Edit Afric, the author through examples and other arguments, demonstrates that the head of state "is a true phenomenon of nature."

As proof, Prof. Jacques Jacques Ndongo explains that, from the School of Catholic Mission Nden, in the Dja-et-Lobo, Southern region, to the Leclerc High School of Yaoundé where he obtained the Philosophy Baccalaureate, his hero never took a class again.

Even in France where he goes through four university cycles: the Lycée Louis-Le-Grand (preparation for grandes écoles), higher legal studies, the Institute of Political Studies of Saint-Guillaume Street and the Institute of Higher Studies Overseas sea.

Paul Biya has been a laureate of all these institutions. His administrative career is as dazzling as his political itinerary. Which leads the author to describe the course of the head of state, "unpublished in Cameroon." To understand this phenomenon, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, semiotician emeritus, summons over the pages, arithmetic semiotics, a specialty that he proposes to promote.

His research leads him to discover an original key, articulated around the number 4 which structures the name "Paul Biya" (8 letters = 4x2). This after having found that the number 4 is the only one which, in the decimal system, remains unchanged when its half 2 is multiplied by itself. What makes the 4, an exceptional number, even unique.

Having brought him closer to the number of gold used since antiquity by the scientists, the author, himself major of Africa at the entrance examination in the French schools of journalism in 1969, reaches a conclusion according to which, "The system of signs concerning the name Paul Biya is subtended by a golden proportion. It's a combination of harmony, balance, clarity and productivity, "he says.

In short, the book has three chapters. The first states "the semiotic functioning of the number 4 in the structuring of actant Paul Biya". The second presents "the arithmetical genotext underlying Cameroon".

"The arithmetic substrate of the native soil of the Head of State" is discussed in the last. For the author, the essay is based neither on magic, much less on fantasies.It is based on the four basic operations of the CM2 arithmetic level.