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Sunday, October 21, 2018

The moving letter of Cabral LIBII to Brenda BIYA

Brenda my dear compatriot,

you are the first girl in Cameroon. You will not lose this place until the day you get married, because then become a lady, you will be ranked second after your mother.

You certainly remember the sincere letter of support that I wrote to you on February 8, 2016, when you had unexpectedly decided to speak out publicly, to denounce the racism that you had frightfully undergone there. far away, in the United States where your dad our President for more than thirty years, you expatriated for your studies.

I have to start at the moment when I decide to bring you back my support which, you can believe me will remain unfailing, I must say I repeat you all the same that your daily life and that of your brothers, still remains the youngest worries Cameroonians who have better things to do, pending the completion of your dad's great achievements and probably the great finishes of the next mandate. However, it turns out that a few compatriots to kill boredom regularly fled on your fate in social networks, leaving in passing the horrifying impression of reveling in your misadventures. The facetious!

With regard to these misadventures, everything suggests that 2016 did not bring you happiness. But I fear that you too are for many. After all, to be as wise as daddy, it takes time and maybe even time to power ... You naively thought well doing out of your anonymity by revealing to the world at the beginning of the year your history of racism to which you have grafted such indelicate information, you lived a hundred kilometers from your university and your taxi cost you 200,000 FCFA per day.

Now we see circulating on the internet photos that are supposedly that of your princely home. I doubt you, that your father, who is said to have always been sober, rigorous and ethical, presented him as the one who, hating drinking and extravagance at the highest point, strikes at his predatory ministers. throwing them into prison, I doubt I tell you sincerely, that this man can give such an education to his only daughter. My Paul BIYA whom I know can not have spoiled children. No !

Reassure yourself, if at first I did not accept that he, President since almost my birth, send his children to school in foreign education systems, I came to understand that it was still wisdom. He wanted to get away from this country gangrené by his inert, immoral, selfish collaborators, unable to keep road maps. He did well.There had to be at least one child of normal renewal, the morning of the end of the story.

But sister how will you come back to him?I do not know anything anymore. Because evil netizens say about you things that despair me. Fortunately, the drug story has been belied by others than you. Thank God. I do not even dare to give credit to the nonsense making you look like a fierce knife maniac. You see, some bad languages ​​even say that it is the curse of the suffering of the Cameroonians who falls on you. Poor you, my sister.Fortunately mom is very religious, a uncle in the presidency even opened the Pentecostal chapel of Christ's glory in Yaounde. Follow only their tracks. And you will see the glory of God.

Know that you have done nothing wrong in Cameroon. And the future holds your place there too. But if Dad is not President until the end of the world, you will have to earn this place. So enjoy wisely and intelligently your social situation. Make those who blame you nonsense lie. And do not forget in Dad's age unbecoming behavior can cause the worst of his health. So, be wise as dad and you will live long like him. With a little luck, you will even end up chairing something.

Good luck.

Cabral LIBI