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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The hypothesis of an SDF stronger than the MRC can not be excluded - Saidou Maidadi


Following the election of October 7, 2018, the candidate of the MRC, Maurice Kamto came out second. Some believe that the rank of Maurice Kamto, makes the MRC now the leader of the opposition. SAIDOU MAIDADI, former vice-president of the SDF and AFP, and now a member of the political bureau of the UNDP, thinks that this conclusion should not be drawn quickly. The elections expected in 2019, will clarify the debate that arose from the 2018 presidential election.

With the re-election of President Paul Biya, some observers also retain a new impetus in the political commitment of Cameroonians. Can the 2019 legislative and municipal elections amplify this message?

It is clear that there is a certain slump in the population. On the one hand, it is reflected in the low voter registration rate, followed by low voter turnout. And on the other hand by the good score obtained by new parties like Cabral presented by Univers that mobilized young people but also Kamto itself as it is a vote essentially identity. In my opinion, it is premature to say that local elections will amplify their results because local elections follow other logic. We need to build credible lists, including 25 citizens for the smallest municipality for example. On the other hand, it will be necessary to validate these lists by the payment of deposits. This is not given to all parties.

This new dynamic is also the underperformance of the former Garga Haman Adji and Adamou Ndam Njoya and the rise of new forces. Is this a warning to the barons who do not wait to give up their seats in the municipalities and parliament?

It is obvious that there is a need for renewal and this need is clearly expressed through these elections. There is a need for new faces in all parties. There is a need to involve young people and women in large numbers. Only the parties that will accept and organize this change will be able to cope. As for the UNDP, we did not wait for this election to promote this political orientation. The place our party has for young people is already important, but we must go further. Our cities are mostly populated by young people, so it becomes imperative that municipal executives be run by young people to solve youth problems. Our party has been in this perspective since 2013. That is why we have the youngest mayors in the republic and the youngest municipal councilors.

One of the issues of the 2019 elections will be the battle for leadership in opposition to CPDM's Paul Biya. For example, will the RCM be able to definitely delight the star with the SDF?

To captivate the show, I'm not sure. The MRC is already a party strongly marked by an identity and this impression will be accentuated. This will push many Cameroonians back. It had been clear since its inception that the MRC was going to eat all the French-speaking part of the SDF coming largely from a specific community. But for local elections, the SDF playing well can improve its results compared to 2013. The hypothesis of a homeless person who is stronger than the MRC can not be excluded. We must be convinced that the Parliament of 2019 may be more interesting than the current one.