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Friday, October 5, 2018

The Doctors Union of Cameroon calls to vote Maurice Kamto

After the emblematic captain of the Indomitable Lions, Samuel Eto'o, who supported Paul Biya for the presidential election of October 7th, it is the turn of the Union of Doctors of Cameroon (SYMEC) to come out of the silence and give your vote intension. And it is through a statement paved in the editorial of Camerounweb that the SYMEC asked its members to vote for the candidate of the MRC, Maurice Kamto, in the upcoming elections.

Below the statement of the Syndicate of Doctors of Cameroon (SYMEC)

Dear Opposition candidates, it took us weeks of reflection and observation to decide to send you this collective open letter. The love of our beautiful country having taken over us once more. Letter, which you would like to consider at the same time as a recommendation and especially as a last warning.

While we have already reached the end of the electoral campaign, we observe that many candidates and their states majors are delighted by the many crowds attending the various meetings. And certainly with this festive atmosphere, you have all without exception lost sight of the real goal of this presidential election. For we must remind you that during this election, there are ten objectives in total, some of which are almost sometimes confused with others. Each of the nine candidates has the stated goal of being elected on the evening of October 7, while the people meanwhile dream of alternating at the top of the state. And it is this last objective which represents the true objective and the mission that you entrust the people and the Cameroonian youth. In other words, whether you win or lose individually as a candidate, what matters to us as a people is alternation beyond your self-realization.

Because know the very good, a septennate more is too much for this people bruised in the depths of its existence by 36 years of retreat and governance of ambush.Workers in any sector of activity can no longer give themselves the bitter luxury of spending 7 more professional years to pay because of working conditions that have become inhuman. Absolute social insecurity has become the norm, reinforced by one of the most disastrous health policies of the black continent.Health policy so disastrous that some Western experts compared our maternal mortality to that of "chimpanzees". The opportunity here to pay tribute to the memory of Dr. FAYCAL, Dr. Ngo KANA, Monique KOUMATEKE all killed by our health system to mention only those there.Not to mention all patients with chronic end stage renal failure who die every day for lack of hemodialysis kits. What shall we say of all her mothers taken prisoner in our hospitals? The recent case of the central hospital being only the tree that hides the forest.

Sidewalks, garbage bins, drinking places, gaming halls and kiosks, canoes on the Mediterranean, Western embassies and slavery in the Middle East can not continue to make the dream of Cameroon. In order not to be long, we refuse to scratch here the string of reasons why we can not afford 7 years more. So dear candidates, do you manage to win for the people even if you lose this election individually, do your impossible to revive the dream Cameroonian. THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM IN CASE OF DEFEAT, if you exchange the fate of Cameroon against the personal exaltation of "I"!

A true leader will not hesitate to give of his life for his people, how many times if it was to give up his despicable and useless ego for the salvation of his people! The hour is serious and our tone is none the less despite all the respect we owe you.You understand very well that the people expect from you a mutualisation of your efforts in the sense of a single candidacy, a possibility that you persist in excluding.For this, we address ourselves especially to you Sermen Hope Matomba, Cabral Libii, Frankline Ndifor Joshua Osih, Maurice Kamto and Akere Muna. If you love this country and this people, five of you should absolutely and absolutely give their ego to the most credible. The story of the two women arguing for a newborn baby in front of King Solomon should urgently inspire you. It would be pretentious to teach you how to go about it and who to choose. But you will force your hand, yes the shared heart, we are forced to decide. Because we will have to remind you that the Cameroonian people is not an electoral cow that is garnered in preparation for future elections. If this politic, dirty, ungrateful and selfish practice is widely spread in political circles, for once, it is not welcome because it deprives us of a long-awaited alternation by our people. It is indeed absurd to make us believe that you all believe hard that you will be the next winner of this election.

Your current disunity is confusing voters and already you are wasting a lot of time, forces, and means by doing a scattered campaign. You are without ignoring that your disunity is the business of a single candidate, your common adversary; and knowledge in advance will make you even more unforgivable in case of defeat. When you have a common enemy, it is customary to stand together, but the Cameroonian people do not understand you. The men may have changed but you are unfortunately walking on the divisional paths used by your predecessors who were defeated in past elections. You fight individually against a machine that has the means of the state and you seem carried away by the euphoria of the campaign forgetting the essential. So no one asks the real question anymore. Think again: We can not do the same thing and hope for a different result! You know it very well!Differences in ideologies and political agendas should not be enough to justify your attitude. So you are all very well informed, if you value a post-electoral political life quite fulfilled and serene, do everything you can to work for the alternation and not for your election. For if you betray our people, they will draw all the necessary consequences for that purpose.

Since you are unable to make up your mind, and considering the fact that you all publicly supported the SYMEC project of health insurance last year and in your respective projects of society. We will not leave you in embarrassment. Given the unpreparedness of each other, the dynamism of the various campaign teams, their deployment in the field, the experience of managing the public affairs of the candidates, the security crisis in our country, projects of each other and the unfortunate incidents observed during this election campaign. We invite you to unite around the MRC's candidacy.

Thus, beyond all tribal and religious considerations, out of love for the motherland, and convinced that the credibility of our sense of the general interest does not suffer from any challenge to the Cameroonian people, it is with conviction and determination that we invite all the medical staff (medical and paramedical), the pharmacists and their auxiliaries, the medical and nursing students, the sick and all those who are disgusted by the public hospital, and all the free trade unions of Cameroon to praise Professor Maurice Kamto.

To the candidate Kamto, we can not finish without proposing you to engage publicly in front of the Cameroonian people, that in the event of victory, your government and you, as well as all the elected officials and all the personnel of the State you will care primarily in Cameroon .

All we have left to wish you good luck for your noble mission!

God Bless Cameroon!

Yaounde, 03 October 2018

Dr. Bassong Pierre Yves

President of the Syndicate of Doctors of Cameroon (SYMEC)