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Monday, October 1, 2018

The day Chantal Biya refuses a son-in-law because he is Bamileke

Chantal Biya (and her husband?) Seems to have rolled out the murderous steamroller against a young Cameroonian from the West, engaged and father of a child with his niece. Let us remember that a similar steamroller had crushed to death all the old friends and friends of the time when she was a girl of joy in Yaoundé.

Since the information on the direction by his cousin, Florette Nanga, a brothel in a suite of the hotel Mont Febe paid by the Cameroonian State for 4 years at a rate of 400 million CFA francs a year, a brothel that force of children as young as 9 years to have sex and practiced satanic rites (consumption of menses and sodomy and zoophilia) with the pests of the Biya regime, Chantal Biya met at the Palace of Étoudi with her cousin Florette.

The two women called Mademoiselle Yolande Boaben, Florette Nanga's little sister and mother's daughter Christine, the little sister of mama Rosette, the late mother of Chantal Biya. They wanted to know if it is she or her fiancé, Narcisse Nganchop, who informed the journalist Michel Biem Tong about Florette's activities. Yolande told them that it is neither her nor her fiancé. But Chantal Biya and Florette Nanga would have nevertheless concluded that it is this "Bamileke" who betrayed Florette, especially since he is an "opponent".

Since Yolande Boaben's family had known Narcisse Nganchop as his fiance, many oppositions had arisen because of his "bad" tribal origins. Worse still, as Communication Officer of the political party UMS (Union of Socialist Movements whose president is Kwemo Pierre) who holds the mayor of Bafang and advisors in Mbanga on the coast, Narcisse Nganchop does not spare his critics against the regime Biya during his appearances on TV shows.

After having been candidate of the UMS to the mayor Bandja in the High Nkam to the communal of 2013, Narcisse Nganchop is candidate to the next legislative and municipal deadlines of 2018. The things which happen to him now indicate that a hand of the shadow seeks to put an end to his political ambitions, and even to his life.

Chantal Biya's family had asked Narcisse to leave the opposition and join the CPDM if he wanted to marry Yolande and he had curtly refused and decided to live with his fiancée in Yaoundé separated from them. Both currently have a baby girl. All the pressures were made with the reason that the Palace will never agree that a Bamileke, especially an opponent, be in this family.

Narcisse has just been informed by an unknown lawyer that he is being judicially prosecuted by the court of first instance of Bafia for facts of two smoked windows of his car in 2014 !!! And the stranger informs him that this is the last hearing and that he must absolutely attend the sentence in person. Narcisse's lawyer advises him not to show up because he will send one of his colleagues there on Monday or Tuesday.

But Narcisse especially finds that it is sometimes followed in town and at the entrance of his district. His Facebook account is regularly hacked. He was followed one evening by a masked man. He changed his route to go home. He was contacted on Facebook by a stranger with the pseudonym Pap Ibn Thiam. He was trying to get in touch with his Facebook profile. Narcisse believes that it is a mercenary who seeks to eliminate it.

It is dangerous to approach the families of Chantal Biya or Paul Biya if you are not a good tribe and party-state CPDM.