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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Testimony: 'the Biya regime sent me to exterminate the Bamileke in Douala'

It is with sadness that I observe in the distance my compatriots get bogged down in a tribalism debate well before the electoral period and which continues to this day. In the report, it is clear that it is the incompetent regime of Paul Biya that has operated this fatal lever that is that of tribalism and in this case tribalism against the Bamileke simply for the purpose of maintaining power. If this truth does not suffer from any doubt, it is necessary however to denounce this state of things which is likely to lead our country in the precipice if we are not careful!

Who does not remember my story relayed here while I still belonged to the special forces of the Cameroonian army? My superior, in the person of Colonel Ondoua, while the country was set on fire in the dead cities of the 90s, then put me on mission in Douala to exterminate the Bamilekes in targeted assassination missions in order to perpetuate the Biya's tribal power. It is my refusal to carry out this satanic mission which continues to be worth to me to this day my exile far from my country for 25 years.

I had to remind you of this episode to show you how Biya and his gang conceive power. For them, power is essentially tribal. It must belong to one group and the others must be simple to argue. It is therefore inadmissible in Biya's head that a Bamileke, a "Ngraffiss" as they call it, can gain power. It is for this that you note that since the entry of Maurice Kamto in politics and especially its rise in power in the political field, the regime has lost sleep. He multiplies stories to sleep to cover him with all sorts of stigma for the sole purpose of showing to everyone that the Bamileke are unfit for command and disqualified for the presidency of Cameroon. And yet after 36 years of management of the country by a Cameroonian from the South, the Bilan is Catastrophic.

This presidential election will have allowed even the blind who refused to see how far Biya is ready to go to die in power. In a country where there is no justice, it is not even possible to consider some legal means to enforce respect between communities. It is obvious that without serious arguments in favor of her, Biya has only the fatal weapon of tribalism and the armed militia to remain in power. He uses this weapon in deadlines such as election periods to collect votes from the village because the Cameroonian is basically afraid of his brother from the other tribe.Biya knows it and surfs this wave there.

Of course, in this enterprise that aims to divide Cameroonians and spread hatred, Biya is surrounded by pests of evil. You will hear about Joseph Owona with his "Essingan" or General Pierre Semengue who likes to proudly recall cutting the heads of the Bamileke and Bassas during the maquis.

The truth is that Biya decided to destroy Cameroon before dying. He wants to leave the cameroon to fire and blood. Cameroon has never been so divided from North to South and from East to West. Still, it suits Biya who knows that it benefits him.

Compatriot Kamto who is the object of all kinds of attacks today, never invited Cameroonians to hatred and never lent himself to the invectives. The fault of us Cameroonians and especially those in the diaspora who do not lift a finger to change, used to typing the facebook keyboard, they are even unable to register on electoral lists to impulse a dynamic of change. We should be ashamed with five million Cameroonians and Cameroonians living legally outside, where were we or were you in the polls? I do not even speak of our compatriots who live between the borders of Morocco, Spain, Italy, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon, Greece, Belgium.. and even those who live illegally in the interior of all those countries.

Today more than yesterday, Paul Biya through this election has just deployed its entire record of manipulation and everything is there: electoral corruption, open corruption of militants, ritual crimes, false observers of Transparency International, trafficking in influence, jams, threats, blackmail, vintimidations, etc ... All to proclaim a great winner soon after an electoral process that should normally have been canceled if we were in a serious country.

Once again, all this has only prospered thanks to the fatal weapon of Biya which is tribalism. They call now to kill the Bamileke people ... It will not happen! They are the ones who will be politically killed!

We invite all opposition leaders who took part in the masquerade to overcome their egos. Cabral, Osih, Matomba and the others: CCT asks you to join Maurice Kamto to request an outright cancellation of the election. The establishment of a transitional government with a view to: -

organizing a new election.

-reforming the institutions-

initiating a dialogue with our English-speaking compatriots.

It is our opinion, it always been our position before, during and after this masquerade of presidential election, the only solution to avoid the conflagration and a sanction to fraud and fraudsters

Dated at New York on October 11, 2018.




TEL: (001) 551-666-1027

Journalist: Patrice Nouma