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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Suspicions of fraud in the Far North: tensions on the horizon

Despite the pugnacity and determination of a divided opposition, the region has decided to extend the lease of the old lion to Etoudi for 7 years. Yet there is urgency to renew and rejuvenate the political class.

It is the experience that the capital battle of the Far North had to be played, "noted an old civil administrator as soon as the first trends in the six departments of the region's eldest daughter of renewal. The slogan accompanying the larger-than-life effigy of presidential candidate Paul Biya rings today as a foreshadowing of the tidal wave that occurred on October 7 at dusk.

"In all the Maroua polling stations, the candidate Paul Biya came in first, sometimes closely followed by the penalty shooter, Maurice Kamto," observes an observer from the national commission for human rights in Domayo. The figures from the ballot boxes are eloquent even if they border on the caricature of the Soviet electoral tradition. "For the candidate Biya, the Logone and Chari culminates to more than 95%, Mayo Kani exceeds 80% with a peak of over 91% in Mindif. Mayo Tsanaga is close to 80% while Diamaré exceeds 75%, "confirm several sources concordant both Elécam and other observers who covered the poll.

The only regret is the low turnout, raises a curious, having attended the counting.Indeed, it is about 700 thousand voters who appeared on more than 1 million 300 thousand, admits a member of Elecam of the Far North. We have done more than we expected, says a parliamentary Rdpc."With the news coming from the South, it is still we who will maintain the president in power," triumphantly blows a councilor of the municipality of Maroua I to one of his friends Mrc Maurice Kamto, visibly shocked after getting the trends. Village groups and youth associations have gone door-to-door. This is what Maurice, chairman of the Rdpc sub-section in Tokombéré, supports.

A Rdpciste machine breaks the electoral exercise

Between small banknotes, soap distributed, scholarships allocated in a timely manner, intimidation of powerful leaders, passive but no less effective accompaniment of the administrative authority, the machine of the Rdpc has long taken the measure of things in the Far North . "In Guidiguis, the giga meeting of the young and brilliant Mopa dissuaded all the hesitant and rallied some supporters of the Mrc to the cause of the Rdpc", recognizes a student of the faculty of mines Kaélé.

"With notebooks and other school supplies, scholarships of 50,000 CFA francs to young people who had the bac, parents understood the meaning of their immediate interests," justifies a parent.Between what we are promised and what we are given directly, we quickly made the difference ", is satisfied another parent whose son has obtained the scholarship.For the rest, some irreducible voted the opposition to Biya. "We are sick of an elite who eats alone. We do not want it anymore, "indignant youngster from Tokombéré-Mairie where the Mrc took over the Rdpc.

The failure of the opposition: an unexpected disillusion and bitter to swallow

"With the prevailing poverty in the Far North, the cities in tatters, the increasing distance between the president and the base, we had thought that people would have had a burst of pride, "admits, disappointed, an activist Mrc Maroua.However, the problem goes beyond the sole judgment of the Far North populations.

"At the observation of the results, Paul Biya is always followed by Kamto and Cabral. If the young person had understood that modern politics is not a question of improvisation, we would have at least scored more than honorable and rout the Rdpc in the south, "said a young Domayo having supported Cabral. "The difference between his voice and that of Professor Kamto shows that he should not have counted on a popularity of facade built in the media and social networks," says a polytechnic student who believed that the time for change had rang.

Suspicions of fraud ... tensions on the horizon but victory of Paul Biya

As one would expect, the protest had to happen very quickly. Here and there, we observed, especially in the Diamaré, the purchases of the votes. "I did not want to vote. But, given what I was offered, I had to revise my position, "confesses a youngster at the Domayo youth hostel. In truth, around 14h, the centers visited were very little run. Others, like Habiba in Tokombéré, admit that they had no choice but to vote in the CPR.

Finally, some were deliberately left in their ignorance. "I put all the ballots in the envelope and put in the box. When I found the other brothers outside I told them my choice and they told me that I had not chosen, "sadly regrets the old Mamadou.However, even though there was fraud, the observations showed that only the CPMR had representatives everywhere to monitor the vote and, if so, to do what they are accused of doing. "By showing up to several, the opposition has broken its wings itself in the Far North. She could not be able to protect her voices where she was not.

This is the strength of inexperience and, above all, the vision that everyone had to be alone the savior of Cameroon ", analyzes a teacher from the University of Maroua. "The public recounts were executed generally in the rules of the art, and it is difficult not to agree with the results", slice an observer of the United Nations Program for development (UNDP) in Maroua. For now, the Far North continues to carry Biya out of the water, waiting for what the rest of Cameroon will say.

Source: The Day N ° 2786