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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Supposed Plagiarism of Cabral: Armand Okol responds drily to Sam Severin Ango

The journalist Armand Okol finds that the former spokesman of Pastor Franklin Ndifor who claims the authorship of the initiative of the birth of the movement and the social project of Cabral Libii, lacks intellectual honesty.


I read insanities some more abject than others Cabral Libii since last night. Once again, once again, but once too often the name of my leader is dragged in the mud. Including by individuals who deserve to be called acrobats. He is shamelessly making a witch trial about an interview he agreed to give to the BBC yesterday. Without bothering to refer to the concerned person to have the last word of the story, he is inadvertently and unintentionally lending him a hidden idea of ​​wanting to enter the government and thus to pact by underground deals with a regime that he has been fighting fiercely since About 15 years old.

I even read a moment ago a draft written vitriol by a sub fife claiming the paternity of the initiative of the birth of the movement and the social project that led to the candidacy for the presidential election of the one who unquestionably holds the gold medal of the vote of 07 October last. Not even shame, no intellectual honesty or humility, the lie kills head. While waiting to publish in the next moments the entirety of the quarreled interview I give you here the continuation of the talk of Cabral Libii who for questions of standard of audio-visual format was not diffused in its entirety.

As an extension of the interview, the journalist asks the following question ...

BBC: What do you mean by terms of collaboration?

Cabral Libii: These are the conditions of a transition. They must relate to structural reforms affecting the electoral code, the constitution. It's really about setting up a democratic standardization committee. In addition, it will be necessary to reform the functioning of the State to favor transparency and performance. And as much as you say, I doubt that this government that has just returned by the forfeit access to this type of reforms. I think that the mention of my entry into the government is immediately lost.