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Monday, October 29, 2018

Sparrowhawk: Amougou Belinga settles a debt of 509 million

Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, president and CEO of the Anecdote press group said he had settled a debt of 509 million FCFA with Cameroon Postal Services (Campost, the Cameroonian public postal operator).

"I inform you today that Amougou Belinga the CEO of the group Anecdote has totally paid his debt to the Campost," said Ines Belinga on behalf of Mr. Belinga Amougou.

"The last payment of 109 million FCFA was made on Monday, last week 150 million FCFA were paid," she said.

In total, it was 509 million 790 thousand 931 FCFA that were paid into the Campost funds.

Campost and the Anecdote Group are bound by an agreement signed in 2016 and which prescribes a payment spread over 5 years.

"Instead of waiting for 2021, our CEO has preferred to anticipate his debt," says Ines Belinga.

The debt of the press mogul at the Campost, had leaked a lot of ink and cast doubt on his probity in a context marked by Epervier (Operation d 'sanitation of manners in the management of public funds Ndlr).

As a reminder, several top Cameroonian personalities including a former PM and two secretaries general of the presidency are in prison as part of the operation hawk.