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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Serail: Biya under pressure ... negotiations underway between diplomats

The self-proclaimed victory of Maurice Kamto, which shakes the Biya clan, has been fairly well received by secessionists.

Dr Samuel Sako, Interim President of South Cameroon, congratulated Professor Kamto, adding that he would work with him to restore peace in southern Cameroon, which has been languishing in the English-speaking crisis for two years.

According to the information relayed by the confreres of cameroonintellegencereport, Maurice Kamto has "promised to tackle the crisis in southern Cameroon, adding that he will visit the region very soon to get a complete picture of the situation" .

But the hardest for the MRC candidate is to free the outgoing president in power for 36 years. But still to believe the confreres of cameroonintellegencereport, the lines are currently moving in the seraglio and foreign diplomacy in Cameroon.

Maurice Kamto has "promised to provide protection and immunity to outgoing President Paul Biya and his family, adding that all government officials should continue to do their job so that Cameroon is spared the specter of the bestowal of blood."

Long before his press conference, reassure the confreres, Maurice Kamto met with officials of some Western embassies who assured him of their support and their determination to ensure that peace returns to the country.

At the moment, the outgoing president Paul Biya would be under pressure. Negotiations would be ongoing between the clan Biya, the Kamto team and diplomats.

Maurice Kamto would have promised secessionists to rebuild cities burned in the English-speaking area and compensated all those who lost their homes.

The candidate also regretted the loss of life in the region, adding that "the sun will rise and shine again in the northwestern and southwestern regions".