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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


A new assault in Fongo-Tongo in the department of Menoua is put to the credit of the armed gangs fighting for the independence of the English-speaking part of the country.

The list of people brutally pulled out of life in Fongo-Tongo in the Menoua department, due to the climate of insecurity that prevails in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon has just lengthened. To the dead previously recorded, it is now necessary to add a certain Jean Antoine. The 50-year-old passed from life to death during an attack on his family's concession located in Ndento, a border village in Alou in the department of Lebialem. Our sources report that on Friday, October 19, 2018, Motedong, 65, and his offspring were gathered in the grand salon of his concession. But these beautiful family would brutally turn into a sinister nightmare around 19 hours, when a group of five emerges. Armed with homemade rifles, these people will hold all the occupants of the house in fear, and threaten to open fire on whoever dares to resist. After neutralizing them, the attackers will ask the members of this family to follow them quietly if they care about their lives. While the others obeyed the letter to this injunction, Motedong and Jean Antoine, one of his children, will oppose a resistance. The kidnappers would go from words to deeds by opening their heads in cold blood, fire on these two people. On the spot, the second will give up the soul;and the first will be seriously injured in the left thigh. According to the latest news, he was still under intensive treatment at the Dschang District Hospital, but his life-threatening ordeal was no longer engaged. Jean Antoine meanwhile, was buried Saturday, October 20 last.

Before this attack attributed to "Reds Dragon's", separatist fighters of Lebialem, another had taken place the day before the presidential election of October 7th. And the target was the Fossong village chieftaincy. More fear than evil, no casualties were recorded, but the material damage was important.Less than a month earlier; On September 25 and 26, 2018, more precisely, a group of attackers had broken into these Bilingual Fossong-Ellelem. Surprised on the spot, the director of this school had been copiously molested and thrown into a ravine in a comatose state. The Ces buildings were burned down.

Because of the return of the heinous acts of secessionists, many residents of the villages of Fongo-Tongo, who border Lebialem in the south-west, prefer to find refuge outside the land of their ancestors. Despite the deployment of a military contingent in this locality, they say they do not feel protected.