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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

SDF: Mr. Osih must be removed from the SDF"

The municipal magistrate of the city of Loum said to be disappointed by the performance of Joshua Osih in the poll of October 7 last. Invited on "sacred morning" on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, Guy Mesmin Kuate Wambo, the homeless mayor of the commune of Loum was not very tender towards his comrade of the party, the Honorable Joshua Osih.

Some words chosen

"I say it honestly, there is one of the mistakes that have been made, Mr. Osih must be removed from the SDF"

"The kind of statement that Mr. Osih made (to recognize the victory of Paul Biya, editor's note) is likely to lend the side to the detractors of our party ... Me I believe that Mr. Osih is playing his own game, I do not know not the kind of acquaintances he has with those people (CPDM party in power, Editor's note) ".

"We can not talk about political fair pay when there was this kind of trick ... no one is fooled and no one is blind to realize that there is no legitimacy in the election of October 7 ... The CPDM has never won the election legitimately "

" The statements of Osih only binds him and not the SDF ... He only plays his card staff, what can justify today the plunge of the SDF? It's that kind of behavior ... They got the Chairman. The party must change the paradigm, "

" People tax us today to be close to the CPDM, and it is these statements of Mr. Osih that comfort people in this position, whoever is the opponent who is in face of Mr. Biya, the parties of oppositions must line up behind him. Personally I was for a coalition "

" The SDF had before forty deputies, today we are 18 deputies, if nothing is done, I'm not sure that in 2019 we will have even the 18 deputies »