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Monday, October 29, 2018

Revelations: Here is the list of billionaires who financed Maurice Kamto

According to some information from good sources, a multibillionaire Cameroonian owner of a bank in several African countries has injected nearly a billion CFA francs to support the campaign of the Mrc candidate.

Anticipating this, the investment estimated at nearly 500 million FCFA of some luxury prisoners snatched by the operation called Epervier by the press, 300 million some luxury prisoners and another 300 million FCFA of some networks established in a Western country that maintains good diplomatic relations with Cameroon and whose president has congratulated the brilliant re-election of President Paul Biya.

In this edition, spotlight on this news that pays attention to the news within the seraglio and who would, by the dark designs of these financiers and their partners, plunged Cameroon into chaos.

Bring down President Biya by all means. Such was the dark design of the candidate Maurice Kamto and his carpet supports for some in the shadows. Aware that he could not win the presidential election of October 7, 2018, the camp of the candidate Maurice Kamto multiplied ploys before the actual holding of this election.

Strategies that all aimed to create the confusion around this election and discredit it to both national and international opinion. So, the maneuver was very simple. Self-proclaimed winner of the vote and provoke by this attitude the public authorities who, committed to ensuring the safety of people and property during this election to ensure the proper conduct, went through the forces of law and order and security, restore order and discipline.

It is in this mess that the various militias maintained by Maurice Kamto and his supporters would enter the scene by stirring up trouble among the population. Trouble maliciously attributed to law enforcement and security forces issue to attract the attention of the northern countries. The goal here is either to cancel the poll, or to land the president by a popular uprising like this was the case a few years ago in Burkina Faso.

Only, all these actors of the long chain of the destabilizers of Cameroon did not count on the positive phlegm of the services of intelligence of this country. Services that have so far managed to prevent Cameroon from falling into chaos with the many calls for insurrection launched by Kamto and his supporters. Actions and many others that required the mobilization of significant financial resources.

Determined to achieve the goal that they have set themselves to be able to access Kamto by all means to the supreme magistracy, there are many who for various reasons, decided as in gambling, to bet their money for that who, once in business, was going to share with them the regions of Cameroon and the riches that each of them has at their disposal to exploit them, much to the great detriment of the Cameroonian people in their vast majority.

These masks that fall Between Western networks, economic operators and luxury prisoners cited as supporters who were the financial strength of Mrc during the presidential campaign, there is no longer a shadow of doubt that the identities of these people confirm it it was still necessary that the danger remain permanent. What makes the public authorities say that the populations must increase the vigilance as much in their respective professional circles, their houses as their places of worship. Indeed, reports a reliable source, also political analyst "The Cameroonian opposition wishing the end of the regime of President Biya, gives it rather dubious means". Even more, while some political parties that took part in this election and those well known that could not deposit the bond to compete, vegetate, brood, looking hard to find funding, others would easily have obtained doubtful financial support, thus spitting on the financing issued by the Ministry of Territorial Administration (Minat).

"According to some information, political parties of the opposition, among which the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon would have received hidden funding from certain pharmacies within the framework of the 2018 presidential campaign ", reveals the same source, before informing that" Information circulating behind the scenes, Maurice Kamto would have received an avalanche of financial support, between Western networks, economic operators and luxury prisoners.

Amounts are quoted like a well-known and well-established bank in Cameroon which, through its promoter, would have paid nearly 900 million Fcfa to support the Mrc, Western networks that would have paid nearly 300 million Fcfa, economic operators who would have paid 300 million in support and luxury prisoners who would have contributed nearly 500 million ".

the motivations behind these commitments For luxury prisoners, many of whom hoped that by financing the campaign of Maurice Kamto, his victory would have allowed them to hope to regain the joy of freedom. In the meshes of justice for some years now, some do not yet know the fate that is reserved after verdict cases that are still pending at the level of Cameroonian justice. The economic operator, who owns a bank that spread his tentacles in several African countries, is not his first blow. Those around him say that he functions like a chameleon.

In some West African countries, he has been accused of not only funding some rebels, but above all of having been the source of out-of-the-box elections for some African heads of state. Where is.With regard to the Western economic operators to whom we were referring, the opening of Cameroon under the leadership of the Head of State to other continents in this case Asia with China to name only this country, is not seen favorably by those who, according to them, are losing important market share.

The Cameroonian economic operators having injected their funds believed that once the illusion of seeing Kamto in power be realized, they would win important markets that they would obviously not deliver for the most part. Moreover, they hoped to be exempted from certain tax expenditures. The chapter of the financing of Maurice Kamto and his plan of destabilization of Cameroon is far from knowing his epilogue.

Other heads and other disturbing revelations will be made available to the competent services for better exploitation and inevitably, your newspaper, after investigation and crosschecking of this information will make the duty to make them available to the general public so that everyone redoubles vigilance and denounces any suspect for a Cameroon in peace, without trouble and which continues inexorably its march towards its projected emergence by 2035.

Source: The Express N ° 041