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Monday, October 29, 2018

Revealed: this is how the SDF signed his death sentence

Ni John Fru Ndi's party is losing ground over time. Lulled by internal wars, chided by barons who do not want to let go, the "Power to the people" has fallen low not counting cascading starts and self-flagellation of the spirits determined to bring a new breath in this chapel .

With the recent events in the social democratic front (Sdf) including the speech of Joshua Osih, unfortunate presidential candidate who recognized the victory of Paul Biya, the resignation of MP Sdf Oscar Edimo Ndoumbe of Wouri on October 22, and the spectrum of the radiation of Jean Michel Nintcheu at the upcoming National Executive Committee (NEC) scheduled for November 3, the cup is full to understand the descent into hell of this political party. Which in the early 90's made you want to believe in change.

It will not be for today, at least before 2025 because we never know. The distressing sight that the Sdf offered to the potential activists because of the incongruities in the daily management, of the supposed affairism, the breaches to the ethics of certain local elected officials, the internal battles ended up destroying the little sympathy that the Cameroonians were still experiencing this project, all in all interesting from the point of view of membership of yesteryear.

To this must be added the emancipation of some figures who are tired of dragging their paws or being under the armpit of the Chairman while the latter draws a profile with a certain clique. This was again seen during the last presidential campaign.Joshua Osih was alone on the political field, his other comrades having simply abandoned and preferring to play the clever. This resulted in the collapse of their candidate. No need to go back to score. It is ridiculous enough for a political formation that only in terms of occupation of the ground side the party in power and its representativeness within the institutions of the Republic, municipal councils and parliament.

Only we also learn that some influential members could not wet the jersey with their colt because they do not share the position of Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi who will have everything made to pass the torch to Joshua Osih, even as the Joseph Mbah Ndam, Joseph Banadzem whose health is somewhat precarious could have done the trick. Even Jean Michel Nintcheu, according to an internal source would have managed with a score not at all shabby. What about Forbi Nchinda and others who are still waiting for their tricks.

In terms of funding for Candidate Joshua Osih's campaign, everyone's quota would not have arrived in time to the point where the scale of final contributions was not met. Contributors found fallacious arguments to evade this requirement. The more than 100 million expected have not been reached. We then contented ourselves with a small handle. As a result, even the deployment of the candidate Osih was not the expected one. The meeting of November 3rd will be decisive for the survival of the party so that it can face the future deadlines that are the regional ones, the legislative ones and the municipal ones.