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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Results of the presidential election: Maurice Kamto is already preparing act 2

While the entire electorate serenely expects the proclamation of the results of the poll last Sunday, the law professor Maurice Kamto decides to become President of the Republic. With great disregard for the prerogatives of the Constitutional Council, reminders of the law by the Minister of Territorial Administration and warnings of the spokesman of the government. The political class, standing wind, condemns.

The press conference was convened last Monday for 10:30 at the headquarters of the MRC, the party of Professor Maurice Kamto. The press had to wait until 3 pm to know the subject of the invitation. The subject must really be important to justify such a delay in ignition. Importantly, the object of the convocation is obviously so.The journalists will realize this quickly.Supported by his supporters including Penda Ekoka, Maurice Kamto who has just entered the room stands in front of the audience.

He looks serious. He is at first mistaken for his tardiness with the hundreds of men and women of the media who have been here since the morning. Then the politician gets in the thick of it. In fact, a press conference is more like reading a statement. Once the Cameroonian people thanked for their "maturity" and their "wisdom", the MRC candidate continues:

"I was commissioned to shoot the historic penalty. I pulled it. The goal was scored. I take to witness the national and international opinion about the historic event that has made possible in our country a democratic alternation.

As it was not clear enough, Maurice Kamto comes out of the allegory of football, so that no one knows anything of his intentions: "I received from the Cameroonian people a clear mandate that I intend to defend firmly until end. I invite the outgoing President of the Republic to organize the conditions for a peaceful transmission of power, in order to protect Cameroon from a post-electoral crisis that our country does not need because it would compromise its future ".

Without any figure, nor the least percentage, the leader of the MRC has appropriated the victory after the presidential election on 7 October. In total violation of the provisions of the electoral law which reserves the proclamation of the results of the presidential election to the Constitutional Council. His supporters do not care. Their shouts of joy and "Kamto president, Kamto, president" burst into the room. To better slip into the mantle of president, Maurice Kamto opens his arms in the following text to the administrative authorities, the defense and security forces, young people, and nationals of the North West and South West regions etc. The presidential candidate immediately comes out of his headquarters, always flanked by his supporters, without taking any questions.

Like Fru Ndi in 1992

It's a real thunderclap in a clear sky. The news spreads everywhere. On Monday, when activities resume timidly after two weeks of electoral contests, no one has seen coming. Or rather, if! In his hot reaction on a Western channel, the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary recalls that two days before the election on October 7, the campaign director of the candidate Kamto said that the camp of the latter would not accept the result of the election if it was not favorable to him. He had asked their supporters to stand ready to defend their victory.

For the government spokesman so, no surprises. The statement of campaign director Paul Eric Kingué Friday before the press was already preparing the ground for the exit of Maurice Kamto this Monday afternoon.

And IssaTchiroma to recall the law: it is the Constitutional Court and only it is empowered to proclaim the results of the presidential election within 15 days. In the evening, the CPDM takes over. In front of the press convened at the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde, the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the ruling party does not have enough teeth. For Jean Nkueté, Kamto's statement is "irresponsible, seditious and unfounded". For him, this exit is only "immaturity and political inconstancy".

He then calls "the utmost vigilance to block the road to these destabilizing maneuvers". The government's barrage at the Hilton will continue with Issa Tchiroma Bakary. For his second speech since the afternoon, the Minister of Communication said that Maurice Kamto "has been on the margins of institutions, and therefore questioned our stability ... No individual should substitute for the law . The law remains the law. Paul Atanga Nji closes the ball of reactions of the government of this Monday evening.

Asked by a Western television about Kamto's determination to "firmly defend (his mandate) to the end," Paul Atanga Nji reacts: "Go to the end? He will not be able to. Because we will not even give him the opportunity to start. " In his rider alone, Maurice Kamto is not followed by the other candidates.

Garga Hamann Adji of the Add, for example, to this rhetorical speech: "There are people who are so eager to become President of the Republic! They then take the lead and proclaim themselves president. We must preach by example.Politics is a game. You only engage the game at the whistle of the referee. The Constitutional Council alone is empowered to proclaim the results.

Those who are in a hurry to enter the Palace of Unity must wait. When you run for the presidential election, you have to be serious. " For candidate Joshua Osih of Sdf, "We must remain legalistic, we must respect the law. To claim victory before the hour is regrettable. And that could jeopardize our chances for a real alternation. Joshua Osih knows what he is talking about when he strongly condemns Kamto's devilish adventure.

It was indeed his mentor John Fru Ndi who inaugurated in October 1992 the early claim of victory in a presidential election.

Faced with the final election of Paul Biya, the case entered the history of the SDF under the name of "stolen victory".Maurice Kamto would have liked to resume this sad episode on his account that he would not have taken it otherwise.Faced with the outcry of the political class, with prominent other presidential candidates, will the president of the MRC continue his va-tout? What did he calmly wait for the verdict of the Constitutional Court if he is so sure of himself? What is hiding this eagerness to appear as the winner? Why does not his self-proclamation cite any number, not even that of participation, any percentage? Why does he not brand the minutes he received from nearly 25,000 polling stations in the Republic?

Less than 24 hours after the closing of the polls, what formed the basis of his certainty while Elecam itself was still being collected?

What will he do if on October 22 the wind is unfavorable to him? With his enthronement, does he prepare the opinion for Act II of the scenario? It is as if the government suspected this coup. After the closing of the polls on October 7, Paul Atanga Nji in his post-election address solemnly warned anyone who would venture to proclaim the results of the election. Premonition? He recalled on this occasion that this burden fell on the Constitutional Council. Less than 24 hours later, Maurice Kamto was caught in the jar of jam.

Source: Signature No 0099